Positive Affirmations

The idea of this is to help boost your self esteem and help you hone in on the positive aspects of your personality as apposed to being plagued by negative thoughts about yourself.

A New Year, a New You. If you want to bring about some positive change in your life then what better time to do it than the start of a brand new year.

Why not try some positive thinking techniques which are used in life coaching and Cognative Behavioural Therapy (CBT) such as creating a list of positive affirmations for 2010. Try writing a list of your stengths, qualities, acheivements and abilities and recite them to yourself on a daily basis, preferably first thing in the morning and then again just before you go to bed.

If you want to take this process a step further then think of an example which supports your affirmation. This will make them feel all the more real to you and will help those who experience a negative self image and negative self confidence. For example if your affirmation is that you are hardworking your evidence to support that could be that you recently had an excellent work appraisal or that a colleague asked you for guidance on a work related issue.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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