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Whether we realise it or not, or day to day life is absolutely full to the brim with making decisions. From trivial little things like deciding what to wear in the morning and what to have for dinner to more serious decisions you might have to consider at work.

The trouble with decisions is usually that we beat ourselves up over making the wrong one. If you think long and hard you’ll be able to recall times when you have made a wrong decision that’s ultimately affected your life in some way. It is really important that we are not too hard on ourselves over a wrong decision and to instead think of them as mistakes that we can learn from.

At times when faced with difficult decisions you will never be certain you are making the right one all the time, however you will sometimes face situations which you conclude fairly quickly and this will be those which are usually right. Sometimes when faced with a tricky situation it is far more difficult to judge. The good people at life coach expert have come up with a process that you can follow which will hopefully allow you to assess the situation and make a decision which you will feel satisfied with at the time of making it:

Firstlt it is advisable to consider the long and short term consequences equally. Of course in the heat and stress of the moment it is easy to let our emotions get the better of us and in turn make a decision which will give us only short term gratification. However try to think further down the line about how the decision will affect you in the future. Writing a list of pros and cons for both short term and long term and you will find this will be very valuable in the decision making process.

Secondly, take as much time as you can and need. Unfortunately we are not all blessed with the luxury of having no deadlines imposed when making a decision. If your time does run out and you haven’t reached a decision then it is best to go with the less risky option whatever that may be. In the event you have got a lot of time to mull it over then don’t spend it procrastinating because you think you can choose later, this will give you little control and will prevent you from steering yourself in the right direction.

Although you should always base your decision on the best course of action, there will be times when you might have taken a decision in your best interests that will not be welcomed by the people closest to you. Don’t be afraid to upset people because you feel they might disapprove of the path you are taking, just make sure you can justify the path you chose and stay true to yourself.

Seek advice and other opinions if you feel you need too. Often other peoples perspectives will open up things you hadn’t considered yourself and will allow you to see view the bigger picture.

Finally, never feel like you can’t change you mind. If new information comes to light or you have reconsidered and the circumstances allow you to change your decision then do it. Never feel like this is giving in because changing your mind and admitting that your first choice was not the right choice is not a sign of weakness its a sign of strength.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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