Don’t bring your work home with you

Nowadays its difficult enough to get a little me time, let alone quality time with your partner or your family, yet even when we do have a little precious time with our nearest and dearest we spend most of it discussing annoying customers, broken photocopiers or general daily nine to five niggles.

When Cancer Research delved into the depths of modern relationships last year, they found that 28% of us spent less than three hours with our partners each day and that one in eight of us spend less than 10% of our time together conversing.

Sharing your work life with your partner is a given. It helps you to offload and it can give you perspective, however, talking about work relentlessly from the moment you walk in the door can be counter productive. This doesn’t mean you have to cut your family and friends out of your working life, but you need to know when to leave the working world behind.

Switching off after work is an important part of dealing with stresses, strains and irritations we face during the day. The whole point of going home is because we can leave our work stresses at work, what’s the point of going home if we are unable to do this?

For those who really can’t help themselves, a good start would be to ban work talk for one night a week at first and then gradually ease yourself into the habit of limiting work talk as much as possibel.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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