The effects of verbal abuse

Unfortunately it has become commonplace to hear a foray of abuse on a daily basis as we are going about our everyday lives. Most of us wouldn’t bat an eyelid if we heard the insults stupid or douche bag thrown around the room as they have now become so common and overlooked.

Next time you can feel yourself about to unleash a torrent of verbal abuse, stop and think about the point you want to communicate. Remind yourself that it is only human to make mistakes and instead of saying something quite negative and derogatory such as “How could you do that! You don’t care about me at all” say something like “ I wish you hadn’t of done that, but I know you have a lot on your mind and it is impossible to do it all perfectly. So could you please do it differently next time?” Being diplomatic and calm will communicate your point in far better way than shouting and being abusive. It seems point blank obvious yet so many of us allow ourselves to become tightly wound.

Another thing that might help your relationships with friends, family and collages is to try and say something positive about yourself and them everyday. For instance you could thank a friend or family member for listening to you and showing you support when you needed to get something off your mind.

Retraining yourself not to use verbal abuse in your every day vocabulary is basically about learning a new and more effective set of communication skills and learning to do things differently. Rather than using words to express anger and resentment, we can learn to use them to express love and respect.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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