Top 10 simple ways to detox

Certified life coach Victoria Moran has devised a simple ten step detox plan for those who want to give their bodies and minds a good clean out.

1. Go away and fast

Fasting (only water) and complete rest under supervision can work wonders for healing.

2. Do a juice diet

This is basically a way for your body to work on its digestion and is intended to relieve you body so that healing can transpire. Healthy participants should be fine on just juice for between a week and ten days.

3. Sweat

Use a sauna as steam rooms generally have too much chlorine. Whatever it takes to make you sweat, do it. A warm bath followed by immersing yourself in the duvet cover or a hot exercise class. A good sweat lets your skin naturally detoxify.

4. Bounce

All exercise is good exercise but bouncing on a mini trampoline is particularly good for the lymphatic system and help to do it’s clean up operations.

5. Scrape your tongue

First thing in the morning try and encorporate scraping your tongue into you teeth cleaning routine. Although whilst you are asleep your body tries its best to recooporate but that coating on your tongue when you wake up (in Ayurveda, they call it ama, metabolic debris) needs to come off before your first drink of water.

6. Purchase and use a neti pot

You can buy neti pots online ir at some of the more obscure health food shops. The idea is that you fill it with warm water and ground salt. You must follow the instructions given with you specific device but generally you let the water flow into one nostril and out the other then repeat the process on the other side. It is not the most pleasant of experiences but is meant to clear your head and can be a useful tool when allergies are at their peak during the summer months and also when colds and flues are being passed around.

7. Dry body brush

Before you jump in the bath or shower, use a special dry body brush. It will help the skin to detox by removing dead skin cells, not to mention it feels good too!


8. Enemas and Colonics

May not sound very appealing but it is said that we have a toxic build up in the colon that’s been there for years and needs to be washed out.

9. Get away to somewhere clean and quiet

For anyone that lives in a city or a built up area rife with traffic, pollution, noise etc, they will benefit no end from getting away to somewhere clean and quiet. Perhaps somewhere near the ocean or somewhere in the country side, anywhere you can get some air in your lungs.

10. Eat raw food

Even without doing a proper water or juice only fast, eating raw plant based foods will go a long way in helping your body to detoxify. Sometimes a detox doesn’t agree with everyone and can lead to headaches and fatigue and eating healthy foods whilst easing yourself into the detox process will make you feel more comfortable.

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Written by Emma Hilton
Written by Emma Hilton
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