Tips for household management

A recent article featured on Americas ABC News page has suggested some helpful life coaching tips on how to organise your household so you don’t become overwhelmed.

The first step is to break down the household into manageable components and functions, for example bill paying, washing, children, travel etc.

After this has been done delegate certain tasks to specific family members and don’t just assume that if you don’t take care of it someone else will.

After the breakdown and task assigning is complete, try to list long term goals for each task. This can be anything from increasing family revenue to cutting down household expenditure. To take this to the next step try to list the ways these goals can be achieved.  Here are some examples:

  • To create a greener household you could, recycle, use energy efficient light bulbs and research heating alternatives.
  • To cut household expenditure you could, create a budget spreadsheet, encourage the children to get part-time work and look for money saving vouchers.
  • To lower the cost of family holidays you could, research local attractions, plan a road trip and have a car boot sale to raise funds.

All of the above tasks have been broken down into smaller manageable components and should try to be achieved within a certain time frame.

This coaching formula was created by executive coach and certified physician, Dr. Joe Siegler and hopes to capture the diverse skill set and responsibilities involved in successfully running a modern home.

“Household management can seem like an overwhelming set of endless duties,” says Siegler. “However, like any enterprise, the key is breaking down the main job into manageable components and tasks.” In his new book Fire Your Therapist, the coaching formula for success (Wiley, June 2009, paperback) he introduces simple and practical coaching tools to increase energy, enjoyment, and competency in managing your household.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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