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In this difficult time of financial strain the one thing you definitely don’t want to loose is your partner. Times like these require emotional resilience to keep your love alive, so here are some tips from top American relationship coach, Val Baldwin.

  • Always let your other half know how you are feeling. Whether that be worried or irritable it is important you give them the heads up so they don’t take it personally if you get angry. If you do, sincerely apologise and let them know it wasn’t their fault.
  • Be aware that any annoyance you feel with your spouse may stem from anxiety and stress rather than their behaviour. If you feel yourself becoming annoyed then remove yourself from that situation to prevent conflict.
  • Work together to form solutions. If you feel you are carrying a burden alone then its likely you will begin to feel resentment. It sometimes help to write the problem down on paper and brainstorm solutions together.
    For example, the question could be, “How can we cut costs from our monthly expenses?” or “How can we create more income to have what we need and desire?” or “What ways can we still have fun and enjoy the simple, inexpensive things in life”. By working together to take action you create a stronger unity.
  • Try not to worry about a particular problem and instead use your energy to focus on positive solutions. Begin a nightly ritual where you tell one another 3 things you are grateful for along with saying “I love you”. This will bring you closer and reduce your fear because research has proven that your sub-conscious mind can’t process both fear and gratitude at the same time.
  • Spend time doing pursuing activities that make you happy. Whether these are things you do alone or together, this will boost your happiness and better your mood.
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    Written by Emma Hilton

    Written by Emma Hilton

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