Coaching can help children of divorce

Sue Atkins is a parent coach and the founder of Positive Parents = Confident Kids. In a recent interview with theriskcollective she spoke of how coaching is a positive and helpful way to make sure kids don’t suffer if their parents have to go through a divorce.

Sue, who was trained by Paul McKenna in NLP believes that divorce is traumatic enough, but when children are involved the conflict that can arise between parents can make children feel trapped. In order to alliviate some of the pressure that both the parents and the children feel she has developed a practical coaching course to help parents help their children cope.

Just one of the techniques she uses to help the children cope is to help the parents work out how to tell their children in a united front that they are getting dovorced.

‘we work with a circle that they draw spokes on and pop into it their seven or so guarantees about what will happen so they give their children clarity – things like: You will still go to the same school, Dad will pick you up on Thursday evening to take you football training, you will still see Grandma – all sorts of personal things that the parents agree to help give their children security in a changing, scary world.’

Positive Parents works with parents on improving and fine tuning their parenting skills via a range of toolkits, such as ‘How to be a brilliant parent’, ‘Positive toddler taming’ and ‘Parenting made easy’, runs one-to-one coaching sessions, workshops and seminars.

Fore more infomation about how to help children through divorce visit this site.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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