Sharing goals helps achieve them

An article on the Guardian website looks at how goal-setting can help improve motivation.

It discusses a lack of urgency in people’s life, how it can be difficult to prioritise and time manage, and how we’re more concerned with pleasing others than ourselves. For example, as the article says: “If I promise to meet you for coffee at 10am on Saturday, I’ll be there. But if I promise myself I’ll sit down at 10am on Saturday to apply for the job I’ve always wanted, or to plan a trip I’ve dreamed of for decades, I may well fail or forget.”

This, however, does highlight how ‘buddy schemes’ can work – deciding to get fit or lose weight with a friend will often yield far greater results than going it alone.

This is where life coaching comes in, acting as tool to motivate you to achieve goals. Telling someone else often motivates people to do things for fear of having to admit that they haven’t done it.

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Written by Memiah

Written by Memiah

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