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People eat food they don’t like to try and stay healthy

Despite constant warnings about an obesity epidemic, it seems the nation is trying to eat healthily, reports The Telegraph.

A survey has found that, in the average lifetime, a person will eat more than 4,000 portions of food that they don’t actually like, but feel they should be eating. The foods included spinach, oily fish, lentils, mushrooms and liver.

Nutritionist Priya Tew said: “We are all aware that some foods are better for us than others but I’m astonished at the amount of people forcing themselves to eat food they don’t like, especially when it doesn’t have to be this way.”

She goes on to suggest that people should seek alternatives rather than forcing down things they don’t like, or put healthy foods in with food they do like.

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Written by Memiah

Written by Memiah

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