About us

The UK’s #1 provider of financial coaching

Octopus MoneyCoach makes it easy to give every employee their own financial coach and a personal financial plan.

Join in our mission and become a financial coach

Financial coaching is one of the most rewarding and flexible ways to further your career, helping people achieve financial peace of mind.

Apply for our free training programme to become an accredited coach, and start building your own coaching practice. We are proud to be recognised as an associate of the Personal Finance Society. 

So…what is a financial coach?

Financial coaches help people explore their life goals and show how they can make those goals achievable. 

Using our powerful financial planning software and comprehensive training, our coaches make it simple, engaging and exciting to plan and improve your future finances.

Financial coaches are also self-employed and work flexibly.

How do coaches work with clients?

Coaches take a holistic approach, so they can help clients with any area of their finances.

From budgeting and savings, to investments and pensions, and even mortgages and life insurance – coaches provide all of the information and support clients need to achieve their goals.

How do coaches make money?

Our coaches only get paid directly by their clients for their time, which ensures their incentives are strongly aligned. 

They never recommend specific financial products, which means they don’t rely on hidden commission fees.

How do coaches get clients?

Financial Coaches are self-employed. Once accredited, they can serve clients from within their community, as well as their personal and professional networks.

They can also choose to coach employees of workplaces that work with Octopus MoneyCoach.

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