About us

This is not a three or four day intensive, this is a year long programme that will change your life.

This training will help you to experience more clarity and joy in every area of your life both personally and professionally.

You might want to transform your current coaching business? Start a business as a 3 Principles coach? Share this understanding with those around you so they can experience peace and happiness? Or you might just want to take this training so that you can have the best possible life.

There are lots of trainings out there. There are even lots of 3 Principles trainings so why take this training with me?

Because this training is for you. This is a one to one mentorship that is led by me but designed by you.

Have you ever sat in a room where everyone else seems to be ‘getting it’ and you wonder why you aren’t? The more you wonder, the more you get in to your own head and the busier your thoughts get. There isn’t room for clarity and insight in a busy head.

But with this training you won’t be just one in room, you will be the only one in the room.

If you’re drawn to help others, this training is for you. This is a 12 day training programme, you can have a full day a month or an hour a week, you can decide and the cost of the full programme is £5000.

Opening hours

I am available from 10am - 6pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday morning.