Why do you feel so blue?

October 5th, 2010

Sometimes we all get those days when we wake up and take a deep breath ready to tackle the days stresses ahead. We look out of the window and think the sun isnt shining because the world is against us. We begin to feel that one negative thing after another occurs and puts us in the frame of mind "why does everything always go wrong for me"?????

The problem is in these uncertain times we are living in our problems can be anything from career- relationship to not being able to afford the latest price increases at our regular supermarket, some of us dont feel secure in our homes anymore due to increases in rent etc.
We are probably a more needy nation now than ever, so many of us feel negativity and nothing to look forward to, just to get through the day can be a draining struggle.

However always remember as long as you maintain a healthy mind and body you will feel far better to handle the daily stresses wothout feeling anxiety.

In my opinion to wake up in the morning shower, eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner as this will help you maintain balanced sugar levels throughout the day and you will think rationally.

Listen to soothing happy music and close your eyes from time to time and drift off into a peaceful daydream. Visualise the life you want to have and always remember anything is possible if you can believe it!

We can all achieve the great life that we want when we are at our lowest things dont seem possible, but they really are so next time you wake up in the morning and think oh no i cant deal with this day, just remember think happy thoughts look after yourself and you will attract things you never even dreamed of

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