Annie Ashdown - Business and Personal Development Coach, Author and Intuitive

Annie Ashdown -   Business and Personal Development Coach, Author and Intuitive

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Akasha Luxury Spa
Hotel Cafe Royal
68 Regent Street

Westlake Clinic
1-7 Harley Street

07739 388072 / 07739 388072

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Akasha Luxury Spa
Hotel Cafe Royal
68 Regent Street

Westlake Clinic
1-7 Harley Street

07739 388072 / 07739 388072

About me

Work With Annie

Working with Annie is the first step to making profound changes.

It’s all about helping you create a plan of actionable change strategies to achieve extraordinary results and lasting change.

Take your rightful place in the world and claim your power right now. Discover  real confidence,  courage and self –assurance to overcome self- doubt and step into new possibilities.

You’re Going to Love The Self-Confident New You.

From overcoming a series of personal & professional knockbacks…

Annie was at a major crossroads many years ago and  hired a life coach which profoundly changed her life. Therefore she has first- hand experience the extraordinary results coaching can bring you  in every area of your life.

These one - on - one programmes are designed to help you become the best version of yourself you could possibly be. They are limited to a selected number of clients each year to ensure her exceptional service level can be sustained at all times.

Annie offers 3 one - to one programs. each program is bespoke to individual needs & requirements.

1. Game Changer Program - Impact and Influence

Make a Plan. Implement. Stay accountable. Get results.

9, 12,or 18 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes by Skype/Phone.

In order to successfully deal with people, plan strategies, execute policies and make decisions that influence, women must be assertive and confident so people trust them, rely on their judgment and value their opinions. Women must stand up and be counted. Whilst many women are great conciliators, and excellent listeners – (and women need to keep these qualities) we also do need to make our voice heard.

In this program Annie  helps you find the courage to speak from your heart with clarity and without fear, trepidation, shame or guilt. Annie helps you learn the art of self-assurance, become authentic and confident and believe more in yourself.

Annie helps you set short and long term goals and conduct periodic self – evaluations to see how you are doing.  Helping you to create a presence and be seen as someone who is both assertive and creative.

Developing flexibility and self -confidence must be designed, rehearsed and constantly cultivated.   Working with Annie will change your whole world as you will see yourself differently and others will perceive you differently also.  Annie will help you streamline your life and gain clarity around your long term visions, dreams and goals.

Annie looks at 4 areas:

  • Authenticity: Assertiveness, communication skills, strategic and effective problem solving skills, clarity and effectiveness when communicating, presenting, pitching, debating, discussing, dealing with difficult people, based on your natural style and unlocking your full potential
  • Visibility (exposure): Increasing self – assurance, self – belief and productivity by expanding a positive impact in your career.
  • Personality and Presence: Empowering and boosting self –confidence
  • Mind set: Mastering and managing inner critic voices, unblocking emotional and mental barriers in order to succeed. Re –writing limiting beliefs with effective personal strategies and techniques that help you define your own version of success.

Annie offers 3 steps:

  • Clarity. - Assess your current situation, and brainstorm ideas around what you want to change using proven techniques that are memorable and easy to implement.
  • Constraints. – Helping you define your goals and identify obstacles
  • Make it happen. – Helping you devise a course of action on how to navigate your path and compile clear actionable change.

What will you get from a result of this program?

In order to move steeadily in the direction of what you say you want, this program will offer you the following tools, secrets and techniques to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Authority - Enhanced self - awareness and direction
  • Gravitas -   To become empowered
  • Presence - To win respect and cooperation

Confidence - To court risk with more self - assurance

Motivation & Self Belief - To put all Annie has taught you into practise.

Annie always address challenges head on supporting you every step of the way offering a leverage of accountability to measure, monitor and encourage you to keep your word to yourself.

Annie’s powerful hypnotic MP3's help you boost confidence, self- belief and self –esteem.  When listened to regularly these are extremely effective in re programming your subconscious as you work together with Annie on re programming your conscious.

Many clients find they act, speak and behave in ways they only dreamt of but didn’t have the confidence or courage to do so before

2. Unstoppable Success - How to Become a Truly Confident Entrepreneur/Business Owner

Grow Your Existing Business.  Position Yourself Bigger. Achieve Any Goal.

12,or 18 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes by Skype/Phone.

Entrepreneurs need to treat themselves like a CEO.  Annie will  help you set short and long term goals and conduct periodic self – evaluations to see how you are doing.  Acting like a CEO means creating your own personal brand and executive presence and being seen as someone who is both assertive and creative.

Annie will help you to build up a lot more confidence in your own ideas, thought processes and even the way you approach your business, clients/ perspective clients.

  • Maybe like a lot of my clients you know you have greatness within you but you aren’t always sure if it’s a good idea, or if something will be rejected?
  • Maybe you feel at times it hard to convince yourself that you have the ability to accomplish your business goals?

Annie will help you instil the confidence you need to accomplish your big goals, while offering support and guidance for your key decisions – for example, being able to make a choice such as which target market to focus on, much faster and more efficiently.   This means countless hours have not been wasted, thinking about taking the business down a direction that could only ever lead to minimal success. It enables you as an entrepreneur/business owner to reduce mistakes and take advantage of more opportunities at speed.

Annie also helps you improve efficiency around communication, especially in terms of winning new business, and making that all – important successful first impression.

Developing flexibility and self -confidence must be designed, rehearsed and constantly cultivated.   Working with Annie will change your whole world as you will see yourself and your business differently and others in positions of authority will perceive you differently also.  Annie will help you streamline your life and business and create happiness and success both at home and at work.

What Areas Will we Cover?

    1. Position Yourself as an Authority

Finding success in business isn't luck, it requires courage and motivation to overcome fears, remove blocks of small mindedness, and self - imposed limitations. To elevate success you need to set high standards, think as big as you can and never apologise for doing so.

    2. Time – Management

Annie will help you around balancing your work life and home life so you don’t over extend yourself and take on more than you can handle, which isn’t good for your health or the reputation of the business.

     3. Self – Motivation

Annie will help you motivate yourself to get up each day and tackle what needs to be done as there is no time for procrastination because as entrepreneurs you are paid solely by your own productivity and success.

     4.Lack of Focus

It’s great to have amazing ideas on how to capitalize and make more money but it can become overwhelming if you lack enough focus to narrow down your options to the ones with the most potential. Annie will help you zero in on only your brightest ideas and see them through to the end so you don’t waste time bouncing around from one idea to another without getting anything accomplished, having busy days which are often un productive.

What You Will Get as a Result of The Sessions?

In order to move steadily in the direction of what you say you want, Annie's entrepreneurs/business owners  program will offer you the following tools;

  • Proven processes, secrets and principles to diminish ‘self -doubt’ and its negative impact;
  • Strategy sessions to identify your precise goals, create and start your plan;
  • Effective ways to improve your time management skills by using a range of tools and techniques used to accomplish specific tasks, projects and goals;
  • Powerful techniques to give you the courage to communicate effectively with authenticity, credibility and confidence;
  • Steps to set, schedule and maintain priorities, and reduce distractions.
  • A deeper understanding of the physical, cognitive and emotional behaviours required for owning your power and presence;
  • Renewed and increased confidence, motivation, self – esteem and self – assurance in style, approach and personal gravitas;
  • A variety of practical tools, tips and strategies to uncover unconscious patterns and overcome ‘the imposter syndrome’
  • BIG BREAKTHROUGHS by sky rocketing your self – belief

Annie helps you understand the mechanisms and patterns that no longer serve you, and helps you to discover the gifts of standing in your power. When you step into a new level of consciousness and overcome confusion, procrastination, overwhelm, the imposter syndrome, fear and resistance you will change your life  and your business profoundly.

By applying my techniques and tools you will transform your relationship with yourself. .

Annie's powerful hypnotic MP3's help you boost confidence, self- belief and self –esteem.  When listened to regularly these are extremely effective in re programming your subconscious as you work together with Annie on re programming your conscious.

It’s no secret that it’s still a pretty tough job market out there— for people who are looking to change direction,  completely without work and/or those who are unsure what the dream career is that they desire.

3. Life Changer Program - Design A Career Path, Not just a Job.

Make it Happen. Confusion to Clarity.

6, 9, 12,or 18 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes by Skype/Phone.

Having amazing education, being extremely qualified, having terrific application materials, a targeted polished resume helps candidates to apply for positions but to be build a successful career in today’s market you need to display a mix of ‘employability skills’.

Even if you have the ‘hard skills’ needed to manage the job role, without a well – honed set of ‘soft skills’ employers are less inclined to hire. When employers don’t provide specific feedback as to why someone didn’t make the final cut, it can cause them to start feeling anxious, stressed, fearful and vulnerable.

Annie helps clients unwrap those emotions so they can better understand how these factors may be keeping them stuck.

Emotional intelligence, otherwise known as ‘soft skills’; attitude, communication skills, time management, critical thinking, and the most important of all – self – confidence which does not relate to intelligence.

If you are not sure which direction you want to take in your career, or perhaps you do know but don't know where to start or perhaps do know here to start but don't have the confidence to take the leap, first and foremost it is essential to gain clarity. Clarity is not a matter of luck or something that arrives from outside you, it is a decision.

Annie is aware discovering what makes your heart sing isn’t an easy task for anyone.  She will help you pinpoint what it is you truly want for your future and how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

As International Best - Selling Author and Resident Confidence Coach for Total jobs Group (who is not only the biggest job board company in the UK, but one of the biggest in the world) Annie has had great success prepping clients so they gain clarity, boost self – belief, improve soft skills and feel confident to compete against those millions of fellow job seekers.

Annie’s coaching tends to be a solution- orientation approach, which involves working with clients to help them take 3 concrete steps to achieve career objectives.

  • What would I really like to do? - Assess your current situation, and brainstorm ideas around what you could do, how to use what you have as leverage to move towards what you want.
  • What is standing in your way? - Annie helps you define your goals and identify obstacles and inspire and motivate you to build your own form of personal strength.
  • Make it happen. – Annie helps you devise a course of action on how to navigate your path and compile clear actionable change strategies to achieve extraordinary results.

What do you get from a result of this program?

  • Clarity, inspired action to realise and create your vision
  • Conquer fear and uncertainity  and help you navigate through tricky career decisions
  • A framework to leverage your strengths and recognise your value as a professional
  • Develop new perspectives
  • Accountability, Focus  and Motivation
  • Discern professional and personal identity
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Manage your net rep
  • Support in making an informed decision about your career development and trajectory

Annie also offers you effective tools to boost your self – confidence and create an impact so you get noticed for all the right reasons.

Many are caught in a web of submitting resumes to online Job postings, submitting resumes directly to HR at target companies, meeting with head hunters, registering with online agencies and little has come of it.

As Annie’s theoretical orientation is eclectic, with a focus on cognitive – behavioural, solution focused she helps you focus on thought patterns and emotions, and reframe your perspective to understand the mechanisms and patterns that no longer serve you, and discover the gifts of standing in their power.

By stepping into a new level of consciousness and overcoming confusion, procrastination, overwhelms, the imposter syndrome, fear and resistance life changes profoundly and doors start opening.

Annie has a high success rate of clients getting their ideal job by becoming the best version of themselves they can possibly be, and expressing themselves in a powerful and effective way how you can add value to a company with clarity, passion and conviction.

Because Annie's coaching programmes are tailored to you, her clients who hire Annie as their success coach experience incredible results.  Annie supports, motivates, guides you and holds you accountable.

Is Annie the right coach for you?  Only you can decide that. You will make the right decision for you.

With Each Program You Also Recieve;

  • Bespoke Action Plan Which is SMART
  • Homework and exercises in between each session
  • Unlimited Support via Email
  • 2 Hypnotic Mp3's to Supercharge Your Confidence
  • 1 Hypnotic Mp3 to De Stress & Relax
  • Accountability, Partnership, Structure


This is a Super - Power 90 Min Session, Designed to Troubleshoot a Particular Challenge;

  • You need to super charge your confidence before delivering a speech, or attending an interview
  • You want to get out of a 'procastination state of mind'
  • You have had coaching before and you want a top up

Here's What You  Will Recieve in This Session

  • Major kick ass confidence boost
  • Focus, clarity and motivation
  • An action plan

GROUP COACHING - A Design For Living.

An intimate, safe, powerful coaching programe compromising of 6- 8 like minded women. This programe is structured step by step with weekly group sessions. If you miss the session, it will be recorded so you can listen in at a time when suits you.   Annie applies all the principles and techniques of individual coaching - but in addition the group is used for interaction, support and efficiency. For more details on pricing and start dates, please email


VIP Coaching hosts a referred client list. As a VIP your clients/referrals requests are prioritized and invest in a professional relationship providing you/them with a level of support, confidentiality, collaboration, and connection that elevates every aspect of your/their life whether it be focusing on personal relationship issues or business challenges.

By Referral Only VIPCoaching Programmes offer;

  • Private coaching  with Annie one - on - one  customized for client’s needs, check in’s, and private time with Annie designed to fit your/their lifestyle when you/they want it and where you/they need it the most.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy with a value added spiritual component; to create inner shifts andshed weight, de stress, harmonise mind, body, spirit, overcome insomnia or overcome procrastination and become more accelerated, motivated and inspired.
  • Multi-Sensory Energetic Intuitive readings, spiritual development, meditation technique.

1.Are you Ready to Make Changes NOW?

2. Are you 100% Committed?

3. Take Action. No Excuses. Make it Real

Why wait another day to change your life? Call 07739388072 or email NOW

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'For 15 years I have not exercised. I loathe sport. I find exercise repellent. I have always been sceptical about hypnotherapy. After one session with Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Intuitive and Author of The Confidence Factor Annie Ashdown, the very next day I started my fitness plan'. Annabel Brog, Editorial Director, ELLE Magazine.

'If you want to make profound changes. I highly recommend Annie Ashdown'. Ian Marber AKA The Food Doctor, UK’s Leading Nutritionist.

‘Annie is full of wisdom with a wealth of experience and her techniques are amazing’! Jo Hemmings, Psychologist, ITV. This Morning

‘After sessions with Annie, I am much more confident in my ability to bounce back and I am certainly facing up to challenges, which I would usually avoid.’ Sharon Walker. Editor, Red Magazine.

‘Annie is a highly credible coach. Her talent for engaging and allowing her warmth and integrity to create a rapport is second to none. Not only is she gorgeous on the outside, but she is also gorgeous on the inside. I highly recommend her’ Jess Huie. MBE. Adviser to Prime Minister on Enterprise Britain

Annie is without question one of the most respected and most sought after coaches.  She has an incredible and her methods are extremely effective.Gary Quinn, Best – Selling Author, Hollywood Coach to the Stars.

Annie’s direct, practical coaching techniques will bring you results.
Mica Paris – Ambassador for Amy Winehouse Foundation

'Annie, you are an amazing coach, absolutely brilliant'
Meg Matthews

'Annie's skills as a coach will certainly motivate you'
Lynne Franks, Author, PR Guru

I am SO IMPRESSED by Annie's methods. She is FANTASTIC. Anyone can call themselves a life coach these days, but it takes someone unique like Annie to help you help yourself to get results.'
Jeremy Kyle, ITV 1

If there were 10 stars I would tick them all. I was absolutely terrified of failure. It crippled me and my potential to be great, every single day.

I gave myself time to sit, learn and work on me. Within THREE weeks my life changed. I had a new found confidence that I owe to Annie Ashdown.  From being completely depressed and wondering where my life would go, hardly any confidence to take me there to securing an amazing job (after searching for 6 months since graduating), I sang at the Savoy Theatre for the Prince of Wales and made career choices that would change my life.

So if you have all the tools to be the best you can be but the confidence is lacking? THIS is for you! Emma, London

Annie uses some impressive insights to demonstrate the ways in which we fail to fulfil our potential. She gives some very valuable suggestions for how to turn around negative self- belief patterns in order for us to fulfil our true potential. I feel inspired!
Nicola, London

Annie Ashdown is the real deal; she doesn't profess to be a magic wand which makes me trust her well -oiled tools and point of view even more. The whole point is self-responsibility for developing one's own confidence. I particularly enjoyed learning some language and phrases I could apply immediately to assert myself in a self-respecting manner.
Emma, NYC

I have truly increased my confidence so much. I left my job after years of procrastinating and being so unhappy and am now running my own business. Thank you to Annie Ashdown.
Mark, LA.

I have raved to everyone about Annie’s methods. They are practical, simple and effective. I finally found the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship after 7 years. I feel like a whole different person, now everything else is falling into place and my self- esteem and self -confidence have rocketed. OMG, I can’t express my gratitude enough.
Steven, Liverpool

I can’t thank Annie enough. I have finally found the courage to believe in myself and take some risks. I was always scared to speak up and now I find I am doing it effortlessly remembering all the time Annie’s wise words and clever little punchy phrases that work like magic.
Mary Lou, Scotland.

My family and friends say I am unrecognizable. I truly feel like I have grown in height. I was like a mouse as I just couldn’t find my voice.  Two things were plaguing me; I was nervous of confrontation and I also was scared of raising my fees with clients for fear of losing them. When I write this now it is as if I am writing about someone else, that’s how much I have changed.
Simon, Manchester.


Training, qualifications & experience

Annie Ashdown qualified as a coach in 2000 firstly by Surrey Open Learning College, then at The Coaching Academy. She qualified as a Master Hypnotherapist under Dr Terri Ann Laws at Mental Combat. She qualified as a Louise Hay teacher with Dr Patricia Crane and as a Theta Healer with Theta Healing UK. Annie qualified as an EFT Practioner Level One and Two with Penny Waite.

Annie has taken  and undertakes continual additional modules with various trainers in Coaching and Hypnotherapy since starting working in this field in 2000.

Annie has full Public Liability Insurance and is a member of British Institute of Hypnotherapy, Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapists, NHS Directory, Register for Evidence Based Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Assocation of Meridian Energy Therapists and Complimentary Medical  Association. GHR and CNCH.
07739 388072


Other areas of coaching I deal with

Annie coaches by Phone and Skype in UK and internationally.
Annie holds regular workshops and talks in London.
Annie  helps with  professional and personal challenges.
Specialise in  Business coaching, Confidence, Personal Development,  Career Change and Transition,  Relationships, Communicating with difficult people, Self Belief, Self Esteem and Assertiveness, Motivation, Resilience, Conflict Resolution.
07739 388072

Photos & videos

  • Annie's Tips on How to Be More Assertive
  • Confidence at Interview


Please contact Annie's PA - Lisa at for a non obligatory  FREE 20 minute 'discovery' call or request an email to be sent to you explaining the programme and payment plans 07739 388072

Published articles

Further information

Annie is Author of  'Doormat Nor Diva Be' - How to take back control of your life and your relationships and 'The Confidence Factor' - 7 Secrets of Successful People and is Confidence expert in 'Real Confidence' published by Wiley 2016. Psychologies magazine first branded book.

Annie is Ambassador for Dove, UK.

Annie is a highly sought after speaker. She co hosted 13 episodes of 'Kyles Academy' with Jeremy Kyle on ITV 1 was Resident Coach on 'Bump and Grind' on Sky 1, Confidence Coach on 'Too Fat to Work' on Channel 5' and  was a Judge on 'Britain's Next Top Coach'. Annie appears regularly as guest expert on TV and on BBC Radio.

Annie is a Blogger for The Huffington Post,  and contributes  to Daily Telegraph, SHE, Prima, Bliss, Zest, Personal Success, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Daily Mail, Psychologies, Red, Glamour, Tesco Magazine, Spirit and Destiny, Slimming World, Daily Express, Health and Fitness amongst many other publications. 

Her book 'The Confidence Factor - 7 Secrets of Successful People' is sold in 8 countries and is translated into 4 languages and has been voted top 6 self help books alongside JK Rowling, Arianna Huffington and Sheryl Sandberg ( CEO of Facebook).

Annie's private clients include a host of celebrities and corporate clients include DWP, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Business Link, Chelsea Football Club, American Express, Nokia, Orange, Vertu,  DWP, Waterstones, ITV, Sky,  BBC, Google, E Harmony,  Bnp Paribas, Philips Sonicare and Job Centre Plus.

London, W1B 5AS
London, W1G 9QD

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Annie’s one – to – one services are limited to a selected number of clients yearly to ensure maximum support and maximum returns.

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