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1 Victoria Square
West Midlands
B1 1BD

07952 174275

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1 Victoria Square
West Midlands
B1 1BD

07952 174275

About us

We pride ourselves on results and we have confidence in our work.  We therefore include our special offer: if we do not achieve the result agreed upon, we will work with you for free.  Visit our website to see our full Terms & Conditions.

Together, we have over 20 years of experience in the coaching & psychotherapy industry and our extensive knowledge and understanding means we have added refinements that make our hypnotherapy and coaching even more powerful.  We coach together, so when you work with us you get the combined knowledge, experience and skills of both of us.  You are literally getting two coaches for the price of one.

We offer a distinct service because we combine our Hypnotherapy and coaching sessions with our unique combination of processes, which includes NLP, Time Line Therapy™ , Strategic Interventions and our own exclusive cognitive breakthrough techniques.  Combining our hypnotherapy and coaching sessions with our unique combination of processes, strategies and exclusive techniques significantly improves the efficacy of our work, hence the reason we have achieved exceptional results with people all around the world.  We work from our office at One Victoria Square, Birmingham, or via Skype.  We have helped people all over the world to resolve their issues and achieve their goals. 

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Issues We Can Help You With:

Lack of confidence or low self-esteem

Weight loss, binge eating, Hypno-Band, eating disorders

All Phobias & Fears

Smoking Cessation



Anxiety, social anxiety, traumas, PTSD, panic attacks & all related issues

Lack of motivation, determination, passion & drive

Feeling Overwhelmed

Limiting/negative beliefs about yourself and your life

Time Management

Overcoming mental blocks


Sport & Performance

Personal Growth

Relationship Coaching

Life Coaching

Career Development

Pain Management

Unwanted Habits


Feeling lost and depleted

Replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones

Overcoming obstacles

Aligning your beliefs and actions with your goal

Releasing major negative emotions

*This list is not exhaustive

Training, qualifications & experience

We meet the high standards of training & experience set by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming & the Time Line Therapy Association and we are bound by the Code of Ethics set by these governing bodies.  All coaches and therapists who are registered with these governing bodies have been trained and certified to the high standards required, have shown their knowledge and ability to practice and have accrued the required number of hours of training and experience.  We are also fully insured.  Proof of qualifications, registration and insurance are available upon request.

Together, we have over 20 years of experience in the coaching & psychotherapy industry and our extensive knowledge and understanding means we have added refinements that make our hypnotherapy and coaching even more powerful.  We coach together, so when you work with us you get the combined knowledge, experience and skills of both of us.  You are literally getting two coaches for the price of one.

Luke Broad
is an Author, Life Coach, LOA Practitioner and a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching.  Luke began his working life in the British Armed Forces where he learnt invaluable communication skills.

Upon leaving the Armed Forces, Luke suffered from severe depression and the desire to commit suicide, which required him to see a psychiatrist on a continuous basis.  In addition, Luke became ill.  It was at this point in his life that Luke began to delve into the components of self-help, alternative therapies and the psychology of human behaviour.  Luke discontinued his sessions with his psychiatrist and began working on himself.  After overcoming his depression and health issues, Luke fulfilled his desire to travel the world.  For the next 10+ years, Luke invested an enormous amount of time and money into his studying.

Upon returning from his travelling, Luke wrote and published his first book, ‘Living in the Moment’. Luke’s passion is helping people to understand how they can create the future they desire and helping people to resolve their issues and overcome their obstacles.  Luke believes that if you can desire something then you can achieve it and that everyone should pursue their dreams and ambitions.  Luke is pleased to have finished writing his second book.

Nicola Marsh is a Certified Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy and holds a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming.  In addition, Nicola is a licenced Hypno-Band Practitioner and specialises in Weight Management and Smoking Cessation.

Nicola is also a Registered Nurse for adults with Learning Disabilities and began her working life as a Deputy Nurse Manager of a Respite Unit.  After a number of years in this role, Nicola began raising her own family as well as studying self-help, alternative therapies and the psychology of human behaviour.

Nicola’s passion is to share the knowledge and skills that she has acquired over the years and help people to remove the barriers that are preventing them from resolving their issues and achieving their goals.  Nicola believes that everyone deserves to fulfil their desires and that everyone has the ability within them to create the life they want, but many people require assistance to maximize their potential.

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In Office: £80 per 90 minute session

Skype: £70 per 90 minute session

See our website for further details:

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"I had been a 20 a day smoker for approximately 15 years and knew that it was having a detrimental effect on my health. I was ill more than the average person, I struggled to catch my breath whenever I had to exert myself and I was becoming very conscious of the smell that I knew lingered on myself & my clothes. My family had been telling me for years to stop but on numerous attempts at trying I always relapsed. A colleague of mine recommended Luke & Nicola after successfully giving up smoking herself with their help, and she had been smoking for even longer than I. I can actually say that I am astounded with the results. I spent 3 hours with them where they listened to all I had to say regarding my habit, talked me through the processes and then carried out both Hypnotherapy and NLP strategies on me. I went in a smoker and came out a non-smoker! It has now been over a month since I saw them and I haven’t been tempted once to have a cigarette. Within just a few weeks I noticed how much better I was feeling and I know that that can only improve more. Thank you so much."

       - Helen Tranter

"I would definitely recommend seeing Luke and Nicola if you want help with a phobia. I openly admit that I have a number of phobias but there was one which was having more of an effect on my life than others and so I decided to seek help. My fear was basically to do with going in lifts! I just couldn’t do it…and if I had to out of necessity I was simply petrified. My grandchildren constantly wanted to use lifts, just for the fun factor, and I always had to say no. I simply wanted to feel calm and relaxed about the whole process as just thinking out it brought about anxiety. I saw Luke & Nicola for a few sessions and at the end of each one I came out feeling more confident and so at ease with everything. The test came when I was instructed to try going in a lift…I did it! I had no anxiety, just a real sense of calmness. It was definitely worth investing in these sessions and I may be coming soon for another phobia!"

       - Sally Bates

"As a manager to approximately 500 employees I am regularly assigned to hold meetings, give presentations and to basically be the figure head of the company. This I can do but I always have this ‘niggling’ doubt and fear that I am not quite good enough. I heard about the results that both NLP and hypnotherapy can give and so went along for a one off session. It was just what I needed. I feel as if I now have this inner confidence and self-belief. I am due to return in another week for a further session to specifically work on public speaking and I am actually looking forward to it. These processes they use definitely work."

        - Graham Wallis

"After doing a lot of research about the gastric band surgery I realised that I could not afford thousands of pounds for this operation. I had seen in the media the process of hypnotising someone to believe they had a gastric band fitted and so I contacted Luke & Nicola to discuss. After a chat on the telephone about The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System I arranged my first session. After that session I felt extremely positive and that made me believe that The Hypno-Band would work for me. I had the Hypno-Band fitted in December. My weight was 18stones (114.3kgs) and my blood pressure was through the roof and I was calculated to have a BMI of 39.4.

After 2 months to date I have lost 1st 8lbs (10kgs). I am definitely on target to reach my goal weight. I simply don’t have the same impulsiveness to eat like I did before so I have gained a lot more control. I feel full quicker and my energy has increased tenfold. I only wish I had done this sooner but I suppose it is better late than never!"

        - Margaret Harrington

"As a single mum to 3 young children my fear of spiders was something which I had to overcome. I had never heard of Time Line Therapy but having experienced the process with amazing results I would now highly recommend it to anyone. My phobia has gone! I can now confidently remove house spiders without my previous panic & dread. Thank you!"

       - Lucy Rawle

"'Life changing'

That is how I would sum my sessions up. I had a few emotional issues that needed dealing with in order to help me move my life forward in a more positive way. This has definitely been achieved and I feel so much stronger. Would highly recommend. "

       - Maureen Banks

"Exceptional and delivered me impressive results quickly.  They have an expert understanding of NLP and I would recommend them highly.  I used them for some key decision making business and personal choices I had to make.  They were superb and I can safely say their coaching has left me in a much better state of mind with a huge variety of choice now."

        - Anthony McCourt

"Over a number of years I had suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and had been prescribed antidepressants by my doctor.

I tried extremely hard to live through the symptoms that these attacks caused, mainly rapid breathing, blood pulsing through my veins, light-headedness, flashing lights, feeling faint, sick etc. I was determined not to give into them, but over time they began to really get me down. Not only me either, but my family.

The intensity of my panic attacks grew to the point where I became extremely anxious about travelling. It made no difference whether it was by car, bus, train, aeroplane etc. I could quite easily get myself into an uncontrollable state. I would attempt to force myself to travel in the hope that the problem would simply disappear through repetition, however this only made my situation worse.

It was affecting the lives of my children and my husband as we were unable to go out together as a family and enjoy holidays in differing places.

I had researched various ways to help myself. I'd read books, watched videos but none of the strategies helped and I certainly did not want to be taking diazepam to ‘calm’ myself every time we needed to take a journey.

That is when I came across Luke & Nicola. Close friends had recommended I try hypnosis to relieve my symptoms and, to be honest, I was a little sceptical and reluctant to spend money on something I knew very little about. However I had reached the point where I needed to try something new. I had a free consultation where I discussed my issue and they explained the processes that they would use which not only included Hypnotherapy but also NLP and Time Line Therapy. I actually finished the consultation feeling positive that they could actually help me!

After my first session I felt more relaxed and confident. Subsequent sessions helped me to work through major negative emotions and beliefs and reached the root cause of the problem with the result being that I no longer have these intense panic attacks. My whole life has changed since my sessions and I couldn’t thank Luke and Nicola enough for helping me. It was the best thing I have done for myself and my family."

         -  Lisa Atkins

"I visited Luke & Nicola after the breakdown of my relationship which had left me with very little confidence and very low self-esteem. I felt lost and unsure of where my life was now heading.

I had suffered with lack of confidence ever since I was a child but with my relationship failing I had just reached that ultimate low point. It was getting to the point where I was reluctant to leave the house as I just didn’t want to have to engage in conversation with anyone.

I felt completely at ease with Luke and Nicola, they reassured me that with their help I could change my whole outlook on life. The sessions truly helped me to deal with the deep rooted issues in my life. I feel as though I have released many things which have held me back over the years and can now really begin living the life that I desire and deserve. My whole outlook on my relationships has changed and I now feel more confident and self-assured and ready to enjoy life. Thank you both."

        - Adrian Baker

"My first introduction to Luke & Nicola was via skype. I was in a terrible state of depression and very suicidal. I had experienced several major bereavements and had lost my job. I had got to a point in my life where I felt that there was just nowhere to go, I couldn’t think straight or function in everyday life. They very kindly changed their schedule so that I could see them as soon as possible.

The very first thing I noticed with Luke and Nicola was their calming presence. They gave off this relaxed feeling and remained this way throughout the whole conversation no matter how shocking or depressing it was….and believe me it was very depressing!

Using their knowledge and skills they had the ability to re-focus my mind.  They were able to help me to help myself. I was given tasks to do prior to subsequent sessions as a way to encourage me to focus on my own recovery process.

I discovered that one of my major issues was trust. I had a deep rooted fear that people would leave me one way or another. This we have worked on and throughout my sessions I have felt a greater sense of self-worth and confidence and I am able to cope with past bereavements in a more positive and focused way.

I am still having regular sessions with Luke & Nicola as a way to further improve myself and my outlook on life, although they are less frequent. I no longer require the need to take anti-depressants as my doctor could see that my mental health has improved immensely over the last 6 months. I could not have done this on my own."

        - Robert Edwards

"I got in touch with Luke & Nicola in the hope that they could help me feel more in control over my life and the responsibilities that I had. I was in a state where I constantly felt overwhelmed and as though I did not have enough time for everything I wanted and needed to do, especially spending time with my family.

I had this belief that everything had to be done and that I couldn’t put something off until another day otherwise I would then have even more to do. This led to me having very little relaxation and family time. With their help Nicola & Luke were able to work through areas in my life and have successfully resolved these beliefs which were affecting my life.

I am now a much more relaxed person and am able to truly prioritise what definitely needs doing and what can wait a day or two. My family life has improved and everyone is happier because of it. It has amazed me how people become engrained in routines and habits which are difficult to break. I would definitely recommend seeing Luke & Nicola as with their help I have altered the way I think to a much more beneficial way."

       -  Clare Thomas

Birmingham, B1 1BD

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