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About me

Men and women alike often suffer from issues of low confidence - stemming from the feeling of not being comfortable in ones skin, this is often due to a poor self image. My model focuses on helping you to discover your true identity by using various methods, whether this is doing work in a therapeutic way or in a practical physical way. My main focus is to help my clients build a better self image working through any false beliefs or issues. I always assess my clients needs in an initial telephone session, but ultimately my clients make the decision to where they would like to focus their work. Improving the way you view yourself will improve the quality of your life.

My fees: £55 per hourly session.


Welcome, I'm Samantha the Image coach at Emerge. My coaching approach offers a non-judgemental environment for people who want support with their image. I offer a place to explore self image in the pursuit of attaining authenticity through physical expression so that you can feel and look your best.

Emerge is a unique doorway to the heart of you. It's my belief that by providing the right conditions you can finally be free to express who you are in your physical identity.

We wear our hairstyle, clothes and make-up to make us feel good about ourselves, they are also an expression of our individual personalities and lifestyles - therefore our style should reflect our uniqueness so that we have a harmony from the inside out. By working with you collaboratively and holistically we will be striving to achieve this balance.

I use consultancy, coaching and a therapeutic holistic approach as a way to help clients discover their unique image. You have the key to your mode of expression, and I can help you with my skills and knowledge unlock a way of being so that you can Emerge into your own beautiful self.

'Feel free to be you with the transformational process of Emerge'

The Practice

Emerge is a coaching practice that focuses on helping my clients build a better self image.

I work holistically - this means I work with the whole of you, recognising that we are mind, body and spirit.

The explore and discover process. My consultations will help us to discover your needs and unhelpful limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Having someone to talk to openly talk to in a non-judgemental environment might be all you need to feel better.

Reviewing and revisiting the consultation process throughout - where we need to. Working on any beliefs patterns that's at be self limiting.

Changing one area of your life can effect other areas too - I will always help you to acknowledge this and support you through the process so that you are always making conscious decisions.

As a life coach, I can continue to work with you in other areas to help you continue to carve out your authentic life. Therapeutic Image Coaching

My genuine love of helping my beauty clients acheive real confidence from an authentic image and my intense interest in psychology helped to plant the seed over two years ago about creating a Coaching business that could combine both body and mind to help people acheive their absolute objective within their image.

The body and mind are connected and when the self image is positively changed so is the physical image, and when the physical image is improved the self image also responds positively.

It's important to me that I create a relationship of trust with my clients, this is done through my naturally compassionate, warm nature, a genuine interest in my clients, but also following a strict ethical code where my clients confidentiality is of utmost importance. My priority in the coaching relationship is to help my clients therapeutically reach their personal outcomes, in a client led way where beauty consultancy is only used where needed and in a sensitive manner.

My service is unique and holistic - using the body/image as a doorway to helping people discover their own authenticity by helping clients acheive a harmonious marriage of their physical and self image.

Training, qualifications & experience

Training and experience.

My background is in the beauty industry - having over ten years experience as a self employed beauty therapist who enjoyed managing a beauty room within a busy salon and then moving onto offering mobile beauty treatments - maintaining a small clientele whilst I studied counselling psychology.

My personal journey, in the pursuit of happiness led me to developing myself in personal therapy. My interest in psychology and self development increased - noticing that I was particularly fond of creating and building good strong rapport with my beauty clients - this has stemmed from my genuine interest in people and desire for others to attain what they truly want. My new love for psychology, led me onto completing qualifications in psychology counselling and nlp training.

I have over ten years experience working with clients in a beauty environment and for the past 2 years I have been coaching clients to gain experience and feedback. I have applied my person centred skills, beauty experience and NLP training to help my beauty clients and coaches attain a more positive homonious self and physical image.


•VCTC level 2 facial massage and skincare treatment certificate.
•VCTC Make up application certificate.
•Stanford introduction to food and health.
•Counselling concepts.
•Certificate in counselling.
•NLP foundation diploma.
•Dream Analysis Diploma.

I'm committed to providing the best possible service by:

•Continuing my self development, having currently over 80hours of self work with a highly trained therapist and ongoing.
•I attend supervision.
•Training is ongoing - frequenting seminars of interest in the subject of psychology and coaching, attending workshops and studying.
•Holds full liability Insurance.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

•Image Consultancy

Photos & videos

  • Emerge Practice
  • Emerge Practice


Fees: £55 per hourly session.

Because we won't know how many sessions you will need - I tend to work on an open ended basis. However, you may have a budget and want to keep the sessions to an amount you're comfortable with, therefore we can focus on priority issues in that time frame.

Further information

Clients who may use my services

I realise that it is very important to find the right guidance when seeking help and support, it can be hard to know if a particular type of help is right for you. If any of the following resonate - Emerge coaching could help you.

•Looking to dress for the job. Improve your chances of getting a promotion or pursuing your dream career and Improve your success in business.
•Suffered a recent illness where your appearance may have changed and effect your confidence as a result.
•You are on the Autism disorder spectrum. Autism effects ones ability to understand social cues - this can be a positive in being unique however it can also create a sense of alienation to others. I can help you find the balance.
•Looking to get back into the dating arena. I can help you raise your confidence to get back out there - dating can be competitive - looking and feeling your best is a great foundation.
•People may tell you that you don't dress for you age or your look is outdated. I can help you explore your style therapeutically.
•You're generally stuck with your overall appearance, often feeling the person in the mirror isn't you.
•You may know the style that you want/like but confidence issues or lack of know how are holding you back.

Other people who may use my services:

•Postnatal Mothers.


•You may be suffering from a long term illness.

•Have body dysmorphia or have an eating disorder.

You may have different circumstances from the above but still feel that I can help you. Please contact me for an open non judgemental discussion.

Crewe, CW1
Nantwich, CW5

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


I'm relatively flexible on my working hour and available most days.

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