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The Polka Dot Coach - Rositta Priestley - Corporate to Creative

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0044 798 1128 369

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Belvedere Road


0044 798 1128 369

About me

Hi, I'm Rositta, The Polka Dot Coach:

Kick Your Procrastination to the Kerb!    Get my Free Motivation Tips Now!
Got writer’s block? Procrastination holding you back on a deadline? Get my Go-Moto Motivation Memo so you can pack off procrastination and get that project finished on time!

Drop your name and email below to discover my top tips for delivering your project or assignment, even when the going gets tough! To:

You have a deadline, the pressure’s on, you must get the project finished on time but you just can’t seem to get on with it! Life gets in the way, tension builds and you can’t get moving.

How can the Go-Moto help you?

  • Your mind goes blank and you just can’t think – the Go-Moto helps you take 5 minutes break and refresh your brain.
  • It’s 2pm and you haven’t looked at your books yet – the Go-Moto entices you to simply sit down at your desk and open the book...the rest will follow.
  • You woke up grumpy, in a bad mood and now you have to study! Like, enough already! The Go-Moto is at your side and helps you feel like you got out of the good side of the bed and gently encourages you to set yourself a positive intention for the day such as: I choose to be energised and inspired to complete this project.
  • Your body is aching, you have been slumped over the books and laptop for 4 hours… can’t move and you can’t think any more…the Go-Moto reminds you to breathe, move, stretch – giving you a new burst of energy.

I am Rositta, The Polka Dot Coach and I wrote the Go-Moto Motivation Memo because a lot of my clients describe how much they suffer from procrastination and how it makes them feel like a failure. I was so struck by this that I wanted to do something to help everyone. I am a big believer that we can help our selves to make great strides forward through tiny, yet consistent, actions.

So why not help yourself by dropping me an email to access your Free Go-Moto Motivation Memo, after all, the only moment that counts, is now!

Email me at: and mention “Go-Moto” in the title bar.

I look forward to speeding you the Go-Moto and to hearing how you completed your projects on time. Your success is important to me!

Best to all,

Corporate To Creative Coaching Package:

See my fun 2 minute YouTube animated video!

(find it under the Photos and Videos section).

Do you want to move forward yet are busy, stressed and short on time? I offer on-line coaching as well as via Skype and face-to-face.

I help people move on with their lives, including those who feel stuck working in the corporate environment and want to escape to do something more creative.

I work with people like you through one-to-one sessions of life coaching, over a period of months. I help people to reconnect with who they really are and to move forward in life.

You get my focused support through life coaching sessions of 1 hour each over a period of months.

What will I need to put in? - Your commitment, your focus, your honesty.

What next? - Drop me a line at: or give me a ring on 0798 1128 369.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Training, qualifications & experience

I am trained by CTI – Coaches Training Institute.

CTI is one of the highest respected Coaching Training Institutes in the world; their training course is experiential and demands an openness to intense personal growth. As a result of this training, I am now equipped to serve you – my clients – authentically and with love.

How Coaching became a passion for the Polka Dot Coach:

In terms of the awesome contribution that Life Coaching has made in my life: over the past few years I have worked with at least four Life Coaches, each of whom has brought their own style of Coaching into my life and through whom I have made incredible advances in where I want to be.

I have worked on areas of my life such as the creative side, the spiritual aspect, relationships and career and I choose to continue benefiting my life from on-going coaching. It is my belief that Coaching can continue to serve everyone, at whatever stage of life they find themselves.

Although I knew from the moment of discovering Life Coaching, that it was right for who I am and that it would serve me in many ways, it nevertheless took quite a few years for me to get to the point of actually signing up to train as a Life Coach.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Currently reaching out to creative people who feel stuck in the corporate world; your type of creativity could be anything from hand made products to setting up a business. My joy will be to help you start living the lifestyle you really want.

Photos & videos

  • Polka Dot Coach Corporate to Creative Package


A few of my taster life coaching packages are available on and there are many other ways of working with me. I welcome your contact and questions.

The animated video in the Photos and Videos section shows my Corporate to Creative package which helps those stuck in the corporate world to start building a plan to create the life they really want.

I offer this package at a sliding scale fee starting at £30.00 per hour for a commitment of 12 sessions over a period of 3 - 6 months.

Below I have listed some of my other life coaching packages which offer various ways of moving forward in your life, at the pace you choose:

The Polka Dot Pow-Allow! (“Perspective Popper”)

This package sees you putting some POW into your life by deciding to ALLOW yourself to move forward in areas where you have been stuck for some time. It is also known as the “Perspective Popper” and is a really fun package that will allow you to see aspects of your life from very different angles.

There is an amazing quote: “Be the permission you are waiting for” and this is the package that enables you to get to that point.

This is a 4 week package that will leave you with the potential to always put a new perspective on what is happening in your life.

4 weeks, 4 sessions   //   Current Package Price £175
(Current prices are for a limited period only, to introduce you to the way I work)

Further information

What I offer you through my Coaching:

I have absolute respect for where you are right now. When you work with me as your Coach you will feel heard and appreciated. You will have the experience of feeling what it is like when someone really is in your corner and wants you to feel the beauty and success of your life.

I use creative and enquiring questions, along with a sense of fun when empowering clients to find, or re-connect with, their own confidence, inner strength and capabilities.

How can I know if I want to work with The Polka Dot Coach?

I offer an initial, free coaching session where we see if we are a good match for the coaching journey.

This has two fantastic benefits: it allows you to get a feel for whether I am the best coach for you right now, and allows me to know whether I would enjoy working with you as my client.

How I Work:
My coaching sessions can take place in a variety of ways: Face to face (in London); by Skype for national and international clients; on-line coaching.

Skype (without camera) is extremely convenient and beneficial to the coaching exchange, as clients have the privacy and comfort of being at home which allows them to relax and be fully present in the coaching moment. As Coach, I can tune into what you are saying and how you are saying it, I can be receptive to what might be behind the words (emotions, feelings) which is often as important as the words themselves.

On-line Coaching: This can be very motivating and can help clients move forward on a day to day basis.

London Areas for Face-to-Face Life Coaching Sessions:

  • SE25 and surrounding areas e.g. Crystal Palace, West Norwood,
  • London Bridge, Southwark, SE1 and surrounding areas.
  • Central London
  • Between West Croydon and Shoreditch High Street, close to the Overground stops.

London, SE1
London, SE25

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: French, Portuguese


Early evenings, Friday daytime, Weekends daytime. Varying availability outside of these times, feel free to ask. More slots available for on-line coaching and via Skype.

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