Marta Kunicka & Richard Davies: Elite Transformational Sanctuary

Marta Kunicka & Richard Davies: Elite Transformational Sanctuary

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About me

Welcome to Elite Transformational Sanctuary!

It's a place where Key People of Influence can retreat

to unlock and harness their true power,

to consciously remove the blocks that are stopping them from

living their life purpose.

So if you are a Key Person of Influence, or aspire to be one,

and you feel that your vision and mission can move humanity forward and

impact the evolution of the planet Earth in a massive way...

Get in touch and let's get started!




I am Marta Kunicka, and together with my life partner, Richard Davies, we believe that as a human being you have the capacity to tap into the infinite wisdom and unconditional love within to create health and wealth in your life.

With our holistic approach to the complexity and multidimensional nature of the human nature, we help you decode mental, psychological, emotional and physical limitations you have been conditioned with that are holding you back from creating the live you want and deserve.

The essence of our work is to re-connect you with your heart in the most gentle possible way. With our guidance, you will gradually strip down the constructs of your mind that are stopping you from living the life you want.

In our signature approach, we combine our expertise and skills for a complete mind-body-soul emersion of deep coaching, powerful guided trance meditation and groundbreaking energy clearing and balancing experience, with amazing results with every single client every time.

We have coached hundreds of clients on their journey out of overwhelm and burnout, back to life full of vitality, love and connection with themselves and their loved ones.

The purpose of our work is to create more loving and connected world. We create this by empowering you to challenge your current worldview and to be greater and more beautiful versions of yourself.

We work with people from all walks of life, who see their own growth, personal development and well-being as an indispensable part of their fulfilment and success.

Working with us, you co-create a space where you can verbalise and actualise what you want in life; a space to be heard where you can turn your vision, dreams and passion into reality. We help you to understand yourself, the direction you want to take, and the difference you want to make in the world.

Working with us:

you gain the clarity of your mind,

you feel more relaxed, grounded, connected, and in the flow,

and from that place of inner calm and serenity,

where all your creation comes from,

you start making daily choices that are of your highest good and bring you back in alignment with your life purpose and the massive impact you want to make on the evolution of humanity and the planet Earth.

Our journey together starts Here and Now.


Get in touch to see how we can help you:

Training, qualifications & experience

Coaching Qualifications:

  • Accredited Personal Transformational Coach (Animas Centre for Coaching)
  • Certified Group Coaching and Facilitation Coach (Animas Centre for Coaching)
  • Certified Existential Coach (Animas Centre for Coaching)
  • Associate Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)
  • Member of the International Coach Federation
  • Experienced Somatic Coach
  • Expert in Law of Attraction
  • NLP Master Practitoner


Member organisations


Other areas of coaching I deal with

Are You At Your Saturation Point?


  • Overcome Procrastination
  • Overcome Self-Sabotage
  • Declutter Your Life
  • Connect with Your Authentic Self
  • Gain Focus & Clarity On What You Want
  • Develop New Healthy Way Of Being
  • Goal Setting & Small Action Steps To Move You Forward
  • Develop Positive Relationships with Your Partner, Friends, Family and Your-Self


  • Overwhelm
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Emotional Eating
  • Chronic Pain / Illness
  • Lower Back Pain


  • Creating Your Inner Sanctuary
  • Your Space To Be Heard
  • Energetic Womb Healing
  • Grief Healing & Balancing
  • Letting Go of Old Wounds
  • New Way Of Healing Depression
  • Overcoming the Loss of The Loved Ones
  • Get Aligned with Your Life Purpose
  • Awareness of How You Create Your Reality
  • Awareness of How Your Internal Thoughts and Beliefs Can Influence Your Feelings and Behaviours


  • Your Journey of Rebirth
  • Remembering Your True Self
  • Fining Your Voice, Calling Your Tribe
  • Guidance with Your Personal and Spiritual Development
  • Guidance with Integrating and Embodying Your Entheogenic Experiences (like Ayahuasca, Iboga),
  • Learning How To Put Your Powerful Insights Into Real Life Actions and Life Changing Outcomes

Photos & videos

  • Radio W.O.R.K.S. World Live Interview with Sabrina Ben Salmi
  • Heart
  • Dolphines
  • Forest walk


Fees vary based on the type of coaching / energy work you require - face-to-face / video, scope, duration and schedule of sessions, as well as the severity of your current situation, which will be assessed during Your Discovery Session.

Book Your 30min Complementary Connection Call:

Your Complementary Connection Call takes place via video call only (Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook video).

Here we discuss what is happening for you, what is the change that you want, what are the obstacles that you are facing, how we work, how you will benefit from working with us and how we can help you move forward in your life.

Next Step:

Book Your 90min Discovery Session:

Your Discovery Session takes place via video call only (Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook video).

During Your Discovery Session we take you through our groundbreaking process of 4 steps:

1. Our Signature Transformational Coaching

2. Bespoke Deep Trance Meditation - Relax Creating Your Personal Inner Sanctuary

3. Your Body Energy Scan and Check for Any Energetic Blockages

4. Reflective Coaching and Energy Balancing / Healing

From this 4 step process, you will receive our recommendations on how to move forward with your life with our support.

You will leave the session with a shift in your mindset and attitude towards your goals feeling heard, grounded and deeply relaxed.

Schedule Now:

Further information


"There are moments in your life where you feel that no matter what you do or say, nothing will change. It will always be the same as it was. What will be the point of carrying on? Maybe I should just climb back into the 'safe' hole I came from and simply ignore the problem or wait for it to pass and by some miracle things will sort itself out...

Thank you Marta Kunicka and Richard Davies for your guidance these past few months and helping me transform my life to prepare for Motherhood!"







Nikita Strano-Richards aka The Lovist, Milton Keynes, UK / April - August 2017

"My Healing Journey
Weekly Facetime sessions with my favourite healer/coach duo Marta Kunicka & Richard Davies

Feel free to get in touch with Marta and Richard to see how they can help you. Here's the testimonial I wrote about the work I've been doing with this amazing duo through Facetime/skype since the week before I started the chemo. Our work still continues and brings me healing in deeper levels. Something I am very very grateful for. And I can highly recommend working with them with any type of issue actually

It was only one week prior to the start of the planned chemotherapy when I embarked on the healing journey with Marta and Richard. I was very ill and confused about everything that was happening to me. Fortunately, I met them just in time to prepare myself for what was coming and the darkness I was about to face.

Pre-chemo, through healing visualisations, guided meditations, deep trance and energy clearing, purging and balancing work, they helped and supported me to start my new adventure with the most empowered mindset one could have for healing. That week, after the first 4 sessions, I was able to get out of my bed for the first time for the last few months. I was delighted to be able to cook for my son and go for a walk in the nature.

Throughout the first round of heavy chemo treatment, they were my close companions, clearing the negative energies of the chemo. This would often reduce or completely dissolve the physical pains I was going through and had a massive effect on my wellbeing and mindset, so that I could persevere through this very difficult time in my life. With their help, due to what they cleared me of, I was soon also able to stop the use of heavy painkillers I had been on for many months. For me this was one of the most amazing results of the healing with this beautiful couple. They empowered and rejuvenated the self-healing capacity of my own body, energetically supporting and healing my organs, clearing my blood and lymph energy to promote speedy recovery.

When I started seriously doubting the chemotherapy, they were the only ones I could talk to, who were not biased, and who supported me regardless of what I would choose to do. They supported me greatly by helping me understand that I have freedom of choice always and in any situation. Throughout the sessions I could let go of more and more dysfunctional believes and ideas in order to allow healing come through.

Since I quit the chemo after the first round, they kept supporting energetically my own mind, body and soul healing. Besides all the 'practical' gains on the physical level from the 10+ sessions, I also had an amazing spiritual breakthrough experience which was definitely fueld by the sessions. This experience has helped me to remain centred throughout the whole proces of chemo and post chemo and to find my own path of healing (with great results so far). In one of the sessions I received answers to important life questions I had for years. I felt that my future opened up to me and started flowing to my here and now, showing me possibilities for a life closer to my hearts desires.

I have done many kind of therapies in my life but the sessions with Marta and Richard offer something unique: a double session with a beautifully balanced and complementary male and female approach to coaching and healing. It's literally a very holistic approach with energy work, healing, transformational conversations and reframing of negative thought patterns, relaxation, inner inquiry work, pain management and more..."
Sharie Parsipoor, Hypnotherapist and Holistic Therapist, Amsterdam, The Netherlands / April 2017

"I had the most amazing energy clearance session with Marta Kunicka and Richard Davies. I am sure they have hidden powers that allow them to tap into your energy and release blockages all via skype! They are incredibly beautiful souls. A connection is recommended! Love you guys xxxxxx"
Susan Fritsche, Lawyer, London, UK / April 2017

"Thanks to Marta & Richard for another amazing energy healing session yesterday...
If you want to shift your energy in a beautifully held space, with two highly intuitive & experienced practitioners then I recommend you get in touch with these two, they can help you release deep & long held energetic blockages....which will leave you feeling grounded & connected, light & spacious"
Kanti Freeman, Gong Practitioner & Yoga Teacher at Divine Harmony, Bedford, UK / March 2017

"Already pretty skilled in manifestation of my reality, I felt I needed support in achieving my goals faster. Coaching session with Marta felt like energy clearing. Powerful questioning stripped away the layers of illusion. I instantly felt an increase in my spiritual energy. Soon after the session I observed going through powerful situations… things were, and still are, simply happening! Before I was very controlling. Now I trust more... I focus on enjoying my passion and allow positive experiences to simply come to me. I highly recommend Marta’s coaching to all conscious creators of their reality."
Marta Abello, Singer & Recording Artist, London, UK / May 2016

"Marta is a remarkable coach. With her support I felt empowered to make difficult decisions that changed my life. The most powerful part of my coaching experience was getting honest feedback and becoming aware of how I was questioning my desires.
Within 2 months of working with Marta, I improved my relationships and I feel happy with all the changes that took place.
I highly recommend Marta as your life coach. She will see very quickly where you may be limiting yourself and will make you aware of it. She is kind and genuinely wants you to find happiness for yourself and she will guide and support you along that path."
Katie MacLeod, Software Engineer, North Carolina, USA / May 2016

Marta is a very warm, friendly and empathetic person who I felt I could trust and pour my heart out to. The most important for me was that I really felt heard. She was there, present, listening compassionately and really willing to help me.
In just 3 coaching sessions I had with Marta, I found the clarity and the answers to my questions. I discovered the reasons why I was unhappy, and why my life was out of balance. With that awareness I was able to introduce vital changes in a very short period of time. Now I am happier and have more fun in my everyday life.
I highly recommend Marta as your Life Coach. The sessions are very interesting and bring out profound insights one would have never expected. Thank you very much, Marta!
Anna Plokarz, Assistant Manager Berlin Project, Berlin, Germany / February 2015

“Before I went to see Marta I felt that my mind was scattered and I could not focus on the points that I really need to change. Marta's style was direct, professional and warm with the grounded stability that I needed. She guided me out of my head and into my heart which lead me out of my mind-maze! The questions that Marta asked were intuitive and vital and have been the catalyst for me to trust myself again. I cannot recommend Marta's coaching highly enough and I thank her for sharing her innate wisdom with me.”
Kerry Wilde, Yoga Teacher & Women Circle Facilitator, Northampton, UK / December 2015

"Marta's gifts are natural, gentle and dynamic. Marta creates and holds space in a similar way to that of a psychotherapist. Marta held the space beautifully for myself and others to 'dive deep' into our psyche and bring into awareness certain 'deeply painful' or 'traumatic' experiences. It was by creating the right conditions of safety, trust, acceptance within the gentle space to sit with the emotions and feelings and allowing the flow around them that I began to feel a huge release of these 'stuck' emotions.
I became looser, lighter, more open and directive. I felt heard, listened to and understood in ways, which were deeply meaningful under Marta's expert guidance."
Sarah Studd, Person Centred Counsellor, participant of “Power of the Tribe” workshop at Sun & Moon Festival, Brighton, UK / August 2015

"Marta is an exceptional life coach who is kind, patient, an excellent listener and incredibly empathetic. I really felt like I could comfortably speak to her and she really made me feel at ease in our conversations. Marta is very intuitive in that she reads people really well, can sense what they are thinking and feeling which helps her build rapport easily with her clients.  It's like she almost has a bit of a psychic ability on a spiritual level.  I haven't experienced this intuition with other life coaches, which is something that really sets her apart from other coaches out there.

I really enjoyed my weekly sessions with Marta and I found myself looking forward to them as I loved her positive energy, inquisitive nature and smiling face.  She really seeks to understand the problem and connect to it and will do everything in her power to help you find a solution.

Over the course of 8 coaching sessions, I had some really powerful breakthroughs around some habits that I have picked up since childhood and continued with, I learnt so much about my own personal growth, and really worked to fix the relationships with my friends and family and mostly myself.  She did some really clearing inner child work with me - which involved visualisations and really connecting to my true and authentic self which helped me see myself for the person I am.

Her coaching has really put me on the right path, I am happier and more in line with my purpose - I have completed my own coaching course, have my own clients and launched a business and am helping people achieve their goals and living with purpose.

I would highly recommend Marta for anyone considering coaching - don't hesitate she'll help you realise the absolute best for you!”
Jessica Evans, PR Specialist, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, Melbourne, Australia / July 2015

“Marta is an excellent coach, skilled in the art of honing in on what person is truly saying. I loved working with her as her insight was fantastic, her presence palpable and her ability to understand seemed endless. I am in the human service field and her coaching inspired me to be more open with others in my work and all areas of my life. I highly recommend Marta as a coach to anyone serious about moving forward in their lives.”
Ashley Duquette, Body Movement Therapist, Fredericksburg, VA, USA / June 2015

"Marta is an exceptional coach who has the rare ability to know when, where and how to ask the right questions that delve deeper into the area you require for real change.  She mixes skill with empathy and fantastic listening skills.  Be warned, this is no ordinary coaching session.  Marta facilitates change on a deeper level using a seemingly subtle but very powerful mix of skills and natural ability.  Within just several Life Coaching sessions I was able to reframe my relationships at home and in business and found the space to be able to create value across my life.  I would highly recommend Marta to anyone who feels stuck in a rut, wants to improve their relationships or who is searching for something more.  Thank you Marta!"
Scott O'Callaghan, Transformation Coach, NLP Practitioner, Entrepreneur, UK / July 2014

“Before I had my first session with Marta, I was in a pretty dismal place in my life.  For the past two years I'd been devouring personal and spiritual development material in an attempt to be a better person and create a better life for myself so that I could give back to the world. I fell into a bit of a depression after breaking up with my girlfriend towards the back end of 2013 and just felt as though I had fell behind with my progress and got myself in a state of panic and overwhelm.

I was determined to get myself out of this rut but did not want to let anyone know how I had been feeling deep down, so was deciding to go it alone.  I felt like I could hardly keep my head above water as I just had no direction or clarity on what I actually wanted, so started to actually lose sense of myself and who I was.  I knew it was time to ask for help and was recommended Marta by a friend.

I am so grateful for this introduction as I could never have imagined the transformation that has occurred for me.  Over a period of two months I had 6 hourly sessions where I would meet up with Marta in the beautiful forest location where she would conduct her sessions in her own unique style.  For the hour session, we would walk around the forest while I talked and she listened compassionately, prompting the right questions that would challenge me to reveal limiting beliefs and allow me to make my own realisations for change.

Marta acted as a perfect mirror that allowed me to regain sense of myself, who I am and what I am about. I began emerging from the pit of hell that I had succumbed myself to by making small action steps, de-cluttering my living space then gradually I began to see clearly again.

I was challenged to identify my top 5 values and also get clear on what I'd love to experience, how I want to grow and most importantly how I would love to contribute to the world.  This really began to bring back that sense of the self and who I am.

I have made a tremendous shift and feel like I am back to living a life of purpose as each area of my life reflects that.  Since our last session I have even been inspired and had the courage to begin a coaching program to become a results coach myself :-)
I have so much gratitude and appreciation for you Marta, thank you so much!”
Dean Irons, Mental Health Carer, Life Coach, UK / May 2014

"We are all looking for our tribe... when we are deeply connected to our authentic self and our Tribe we are tremendously strong as we are in a place of home"
Sucindra Bear, Meditation Teacher & Women Circle Facilitator, participant of "Power of the Tribe" workshop at the Earthdance Summer Gathering, Clophill, UK / August 2014

Bedford, MK42
London, W8

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: Polish


I work weekdays from 9:30am until late. Out-of-office hours and weekend appointments are available, if needed.

We love feedback