Mark Wren INLPTA Cp, ABH Cht

Mark Wren INLPTA Cp, ABH Cht

15 Forder Meadow
TQ13 8JB

01647 460023

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15 Forder Meadow
TQ13 8JB

01647 460023

About me

Helping people meet challenges, overcome personal issues, find their passion & motivation, be more creative, make good use of their talents & achieve their goals.

What can I help you with?

  • Fulfil a life-goal or ambition with regular coaching over an extended period of months or years.
  • Deal with a current challenging issue which has arisen in your life with a small number of coaching session over a short period - even just one or two.
  • Keep sharp - stay on top of things with a monthly coaching review.
  • Overcome personal obstacles - anxiety, stress, confusion, ennui, depression. Just two to five sessions involving some hypnosis can usually help.
  • Kick outmoded habits - smoking, drink, drugs, certain foods, ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. As few as two sessions of hypnosis and NLP can usually help - if you really want to change.
  • Provide personal development and discovery with techniques beyond the norm. Glimpse that essential "something more" to life which you suspect is out there, using methods based on connected breathwork, trance, and divided attention, outside of the usual buddhist and yogic streams.

What are the tools of coaching?

My training and experience helps me to understand individual needs, and allows me to select, combine and utilise a host of simple tools in different ways to produce results in all areas of life.

  • NLP is a large toolbox of approaches and techniques, including Time-line therapy, Parts therapy and Neurological levels, and underlies all of the work we do. Gain insights, discover your true values, separate out the elements of your inner self (mind-walk), resolve inner conflicts and indecision, and "anchor" feel-good states so that you can recall them just when you need them.
  • Coaching fits into your life and work, helping you to meet challenges, set goals, find resources, make good use of forgotten talents, find motivation, conquer obstacles, review, plan, and rehearse, to help you achieve your desired goals.
  • Hypnosis is sustained imagination without the interference of your waking personality. It allows the surfacing and blending of your subconscious instinctive knowledge with your conscious mind, body and feelings. It can let you access deeper motivations and overcome obstacles (like fears, phobias, inner conflicts, anxiety and depression). It can help ease stress, and provides the key to practising self-hypnosis easily.
  • Past life regression healing allows you to gently confront, and be inspired by, your own, and others', lives and mortality.
  • Breathwork (rebirth breathing) is sustained breathing in a relaxed, deep and connected way without pauses, causing deep and gentle release of long-held tensions and emotions without needing to analyse them.
  • Fourth way - Gurdjieff-inspired self-remembering (mindfulness), breath and the non-expression of negative emotions, "mdnel-ins", inner and outer progression of octaves, the enneagram, the coach and horses analogy, hypnosis, and much more.
  • Other methods that I have picked up through personal experience - including "wide" trance (hypnosis is "tunnel" trance).


Through business experience, running my own business and in senior roles elsewhere; through extreme personal experiences of hardship and success, joy and terror, life and death, the mundane and the spiritual; through studying and practising many paths over many years, exploring the great religions from Buddhism to Zoroastrianism, including Raja Yoga, Taoism and Sufism; through the works of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Castaneda, Grof, Leary and Lilly; through pure mathematics, western philosophy (ancient and modern), astrology and theosophy; through the methods of NLP, hypnotherapy, regression, rebirthing, holotropic breathwork, sensory deprivation “float tanks”, Gurdjieff's fourth way, meditation and mindfulness; and through the wisdom of my deceased ex-wife, Bridget, I have gathered, sifted, tried for myself, and continue to research, the genuine key insights, principles and processes which can help us in life's mysteries.

Training, qualifications & experience

Mark Wren INLPTA Cp, ABH CHt

Professional qualifications

  • INLPTA Certified NLP Practitioner
  • ABH Certified Hypnotherapist

Professional Memberships

Mark is a hypnotherapist and life coach with in depth experience of both personal and business worlds, and using a unique blend of tools including NLP, hypnotherapy and conscious breathing.

A certified NLP practitioner with the International NLP Trainers Association, certified hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy, he has been practising full and part-time for over 20 years.

He also has over 30 years of business, corporate & SME experience as a technical analyst, architect and manager in parallel with part-time and full-time coaching. He's known for his innovative solutions to projects (including two patents), inspiring technical teams, spotting hidden impacts, and helping mould original business ideas into a simpler tangible form which can be explained consistently, easily and non-technically.

Mark has experienced many of life's ups and downs for himself – emotional, relationship, family, financial and business. He has made a point of mixing warmly with all sorts of people from all kinds of backgrounds at all times of his life.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Fourth way


Simply email or call to make an appointment for a session in the pleasant and friendly surroundings of my consulting-room at my home in Moretonhampstead, Devon.

Call or email to negotiate a fee which you can afford and which values your work with me, typically around £45 per session.

Payment accepted by cash, credit card or cheque.

Moretonhampstead, TQ13 8JB

Type of session

Online life coaching: No
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None
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