Maggie Bell, NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Counselling (Bromley & Lewisham)

Maggie Bell, NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Counselling (Bromley & Lewisham)



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07950 906421 / 07704 455944

About me

Hello, my name is Maggie Bell and I am a qualified NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, based in Bromley & Lewisham. I offer a FREE PRE-INITIAL ASSESSMENT based on 25+ years of NHS experience.

Where I am based:
I am based between Grove Park and Bromley North.  There is free roadside parking with no restrictions.

Where I practice:
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What are you looking for?
At this time, I do not know the reason why you are reading my profile page, however, so for now...can I just say...thank you! for taking the time to read my profile page and that you are very welcome here.

My assumptions based on my world?
As I do not know anything about you right now, I may have to make some assumptions.  Maybe you are experiencing life difficulties and you are starting to recognise patterns forming, maybe negative, with some positives.  Maybe you feel you are getting to a certain stage in your life, only to find yourself going in circles.  These are just assumptions based on "my world"...probably you will be better to focus on your world if you want to move towards change for a better life, where you understand yourself better, and the world you live in.

Some issues I work with using NLP and other therapies:
Life changes.                                                                                              Mentoring.
Weight management/control.                                                                      Life/Work Balance.
Fertility.                                                                                                       Confidence.
Promotion at work and promoting your natural strengths naturally.           Health.    
Identifying, encouraging and enhancing your strengths.                            Staff coaching.
Building on your strengths.                                                                         Motivation.
Taking control of issues.                                                                             Leadership.
Living with a disability.                                                                                Relationships.
Living with an illness.                                                                                  Energy.
Helping you to be the person you want to be.                                            Depression.
Bullying at work.                                                                                         Family.
Bullying in relationships.                                                                             Friendships.
Redundancy.                                                                                              Life adjustment/change.
Stress in the workplace.                                                                             Stress in general.
Stress in relationships.                                                                               Parenting.
Relationship enhancement.                                                                        Couple Counselling.
Life coaching.                                                                                             Marriage Counselling.
Becoming self-employed.                                                                           Relationship Counselling.
Starting you own business.                                                                         Sports.
Getting to know, and believing in, your true self.                                        Hobbiers.
Stopping smoking and habit breaking.                                                        Spirituality.
Dealing with phobias.                                                                                  Low Self Esteem.
Retirement.                                                                                                 Confidence.
Bereavement.                                                                                             Life Planning.
Business coaching.                                                                                     Social Anxiety.
Career coaching.                                                                                         Performance Anxiety.
Personal Development.                                                                               Public Speaking.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)...What is it?
In summary... Neuro; is your nervous system...(the mind)... through which your experience is processed.
Linguistic; communication to yourself and others.  Programming; the way you are wired.

Your symptoms... your solutions:
... whatever your reasons are for searching my profile, they will probably be unique to your understanding of the world, and yourself within it, where you may feel you are going in circles and getting nowhere.  One NLP belief is..."there is no failure; only feedback".

... maybe you are noticing behaviours repeating, again and again, and as much as you try and behave differently, you seem to be stuck with the behaviour you are trying to change.  Another NLP belief is... "People are not their behaviours...accept the person, change the behaviour".

... maybe you have tried to make changes, only to find that you have become distracted, or diverted, digressed, or whatever.  Another NLP belief is..."People have all the resources they need to succeed and achieve their desired outcomes"!.

... maybe you feel misunderstood in the world that you live, and that the world misunderstands youAnother NLP belief is... "The meaning of the communication is the response you get".

... maybe you feel you are doing your best already and question what NLP can offer you.  Another NLP belief is... "Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have available".

... maybe you believe that the world has not been kind to you in the past and therefore feel disempowered to make changes.  Another NLP belief is... "We are in charge of our minds and therefore our results".

The above is just some NLP beliefs, however, there is far more to NLP than beliefs.

Sub-modalities & filters:
For example, would you say you are a visual person, an auditory person, or a feeling person.  Well, in fact, you probably will have formed your strengths in these areas at different levels, based on your experience which are then internalised, and underpinned with more experience of what you expect to experience, rather than with flexible thinking internalise what could be different, to help you to achieve the changes you want to make for a better understanding of the world, and more so, yourself within it.

As a qualified experienced Counsellor I am able to underpin NLP techniques with person centred counselling (sometimes called humanistic) where the focus is on your world, and you within it.  Humanistic counselling (Rogerian) creates the ideal setting to focus on you!!! the individual and your!!! world, where you will feel understood and connected, without judgement within what is known as the CORE conditions.  There is no right...and there is no wrong remember... "There is no failure; only feedback".

Qualified experience integrative counsellor:
Humanistic Counselling by its very own nature allows you to explore yourself in the right environment once the trust and rapport is in place and find your own solutions.  Remember... "People have all the resources they need to succeed and achieve their desired outcomes".

As a qualified experienced integrative counsellor I am well placed to help you with any deeper underlying issues that may arise.  As an integrative counsellor I combine three talk therapies; Humanistic (Person Centred) as above, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic.

Person Centred focusses on the person (individual).  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy focusses on thoughts, feelings and behaviour and negative patterns.  Psychodynamic focusses on how the past may be effecting the here and now.  

Counselling is communicating at a conscious level whereas Hypnotherapy focusses more on your subconscious and unconscious.  For more information about counselling please feel free to visit my counselling profile - link at the bottom of this page.

Qualified experienced Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner:
Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious and unconscious mind and controls parts of you naturally such as your breathing, body language and more.  Hypnotherapy works well with NLP because your personal world will be influenced by your subconscious and unconscious mind.  For more information about hypnotherapy please feel free to visit my hypnotherapy profile - link at the bottom of the page.

In summary, working with an NLP approach with a qualified NLP Practitioner, will help you to get to know yourself and develop and enhance your self awareness, social awareness, self management and relationship management.

If you are still interested in knowing more about how NLP can help you and/or any other of the techniques I use to help a person move forward, then please feel free to call me on 07950 906421 for your personal free consultation to discuss your personal pathway forward in my opinion.

My Practice:
See below some pictures of my practice. My practice is situated within the Green Chain Walk. It is, I feel, an extra to the service I offer. Coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy and any kind of therapy in my opinion requires a confidential, peaceful, environment. Cont.../d below...



....I work within a very therapeutic setting where it is calm and therapeutic within its own right, where there is running water and wildlife; where it is very quiet. The grounds are beautiful is the feedback I receive.

You can see my practise on my website with more information about how I work (as noted at the top of this profile page). Or call me, or text me, on 07950 906421, and I will be delighted to hear from you. If I am not available to take your call then leave me a message I will call you back.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards
Maggie Bell

Training, qualifications & experience

My experience:
NHS Patient Advocate .
NHS Mental health services.
NHS General Practice Management.
Private long term, and short term, counselling.
NHS General Practice, Short-term, counselling.
Private long term & short term counselling & hypnotherapy.
Bromley Behavioural Unit (primary schools) counselling.

My qualifications and training:

  • Bereavement Specialist
  • Working with Common Tensions in Relationships
  • Fertile Body Method Practitioner Specialist
  • Healthy Weight Control with Hypnotherapy Specialist
  • Hypno-Band Weight Loss System Licensed Practitioner Specialist
  • Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy Specialist

Personal Specification:
I am an understanding, empathic, focussed towards, qualified NLP Coach, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist.
I have up-to-date enhanced CRB clearance 2013.
I maintain continued professional development training in Counselling & Hypnotherapy.
I have full professional indemnity insurance.
I undergo regular monthly professional supervision as stipulated by my governing bodies.

BACP registeredScreen%20Shot%202016-01-11%20at%2013.45.NSHPM%20logo%20%281%29.jpgFBM_fulllogo.jpgGHR

Other areas of coaching I deal with

With regards to mental health difficulties such as anxiety, depression, and other....there maybe physical health issues that are making it difficult for you to move forward.

I specialise in Weight Control, Hypno-band and Stop Smoking in one session. As a qualified coach I am also qualified to work with these areas as a counsellor and hypnotherapist. There is more information on my website which is noted at the top of this profile page. Or just call me, or text me, on 0790 906421. and I will be delighted to hear from you, explain in more depth how I work, and help you to feel your way forward. Or e-mail me at to arrange a telephone consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards
Maggie Bell

Photos & videos

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  • A visualisation of where I practice



From £35.00 (concessionary) - £70.00  per session (60 minutes) or £85 (75 minutes).

From £65.00 per session (concessionary) - £85.00 including complimentary CD of the personalised recording where appropriate (up to 90 minutes).

£170.00 (concessionary) - £195.00. (approximately 2 hours).

£325.00 (concessionary) - £425.00 including a complimentary CD of the personalised recordings+, where appropriate. (up to 90 minutes).

£65.00 per session (concessionary) - £85.00 per session including a complimentary CD of your personalised session where appropriate (up to 90 minutes).

Further information

Please feel free to start the journey of change and text me on 07950 906421 to arrange a FREE OF CHARGE pre-initial assessment.  Alternatively you can e-mail me on

There will be absolutely no obligation - I will be delighted to hear from you, discuss the main issues, get to know you a little bit (and you me), and then feed back to you my thoughts and discuss with you your way forward.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Maggie Bell

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Type of session

Online life coaching: No
Telephone life coaching: No
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

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