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About me

Way back in the 80s, after graduating with a science degree in Botany and Geology, I felt ready to face the world determined never to look at plants or fossils again! I needed to be with living things – people! So I swapped my lab coat for an executive outfit and entered the British Civil Service.

After the initial training my days were filled with giving information and advice to wannabe entrepreneurs on the merits of self employment and business set up using government aid. I enjoyed the buzz associated with being part of a small team and from interacting with enthusiastic, creative people, and it felt good to have money to pay the bills! But essentially it was a boring, desk-bound job and wasn’t my idea of a long term commitment.

I craved more, a different challenge. The job taught me a lot about myself and reaffirmed what I knew: I loved listening to people talk about their hopes, fears, challenges and dreams. But the fact remained I needed to move on before inertia set in too deeply. I HAD to find a new career path, one which was more people oriented and where I could utilize my passion for recognizing and developing peoples’ potential.

So I made a decision, planned and strategized!  I returned to college, retrained and transitioned into education as a teacher and then later into teacher training. This was hard work! I experienced many challenges being a mature student living on a reduced income. Studying long hours and learning new skills affected my confidence and at times I thought of giving up. But I kept my goal in view and pressed on and successfully moved into education. For a number of years I was professionally content: encouraging new teachers to excel, motivating pupils, improving the quality of teaching and learning proved rewarding and fulfilling.

But something was still missing. What was it? I wished I knew and spent many hours trying to figure it out. I traveled overseas…Kuwait…Malaysia…Dubai where I met amazing, talented people and learned about different cultures and traditions. A few more years passed by and I continued searching for that “thing” which would make the difference. I decided I had to quit teaching and focus on my next move. After a short sabbatical to refresh the inner “soul”, I sojourned into an interesting and enjoyable admin position in a large, international church supporting staff, teaching and helping new expats settle into the Dubai community –  I loved it and stayed for a few years, but that ‘difference’  that I yearned for still remained elusive.

It was when a good friend suggested I’d make a great coach that the change happened. The idea sounded intriguing, grew and led to my first “taste” of coaching and BANG! I was hooked! Finally, I’d found my Ideal Job! So I immediately decided to retrain – again – and to leverage the best of my talents, education and life experience and transition into coaching full time. I undertook an intensive and rigorous training program and after coaching many incredible, gifted people, successfully graduated from the Coach U Core Essentials Fast Track Program. I reached my own professional goal 8 months later: being awarded my ACC credential from the ICF and set up my coaching practice. It was hard work and I faced internal doubts and battled those inner critics but I was determined to stay the course, so I ignored the doubts and fired the critics!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Training, qualifications & experience

I’m from the UK, having lived in Kuwait and Malaysia and Dubai and now I live in Somerset. I began my varied career in the British Civil Service’s Department of Trade and Industry helping entrepreneurs set up in business, then retrained as a teacher specializing in Science teaching in international schools in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East. Whilst being Head of Science and a Curriculum Development Leader in the UK and the UAE, I recognised the power of positive affirmation, encouragement and coaching as ways to increase my teacher performance. So I transitioned into teacher training for a brief period before retraining as a professional coach becoming certified with the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2012.

Now I work with a varied client list offering life coaching support to leaders, managers and career professionals who want maximum performance results for themselves and who also want to lead from a place of integrity. Through individual (and also) group coaching and with the support of well tested assessments such as DISC, my clients learn to face their challenges and transitions with confidence in areas such as: confidence building, leadership, conflict, managing change, emotional intelligence, communication. I also offer those clients who hold to a faith a spiritual dimension to explore and consider as they make strategic decisions about their career and life. Key strengths are my innate belief in the human potential, ability to earn trust, build rapport, and a strong call to action.

Industry and Client experience

Through my coaching practice LisaFaceCoaching and my associate relationships with outplacement providers, clients include: professional services, education, oil and gas, FMCG and the communication sectors. In the recent past I've given career services to MBA and undergraduate students and outplacement services to clients from the engineering, education, media, pharma, FMCG, telecommunications and insurance sectors as well as not for profit organisations including the Al Qassimi Foundation in Ras al Khaimah, UAE. Recent past clients in the UAE include Nokia, Nestle, Zurich Insurance, ACER, Hermes, TAKEDA, RCSI and AUS. I’ve been a guest speaker at AUS in Sharjah, the GCC Business Council in Dubai and enjoyed being an Action Learning Set Facilitator with the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, in Health Care City, Dubai in 2015.

Qualifications and Training

I earned my BSc (Hons) in Botany with Geology from Reading University, my PGCE teaching qualification from Cardiff University and my Master’s in Education Management from Glamorgan University. I completed my CELTA at Sharjah Men’s College and trained as a coach with Coach U. I’m a member of the International Coach Federation Global and UK Chapter and upholds their Code of Ethics. I’m certified in: High Performance Patterns Coaching, Firework Career Transition Program and I’m a Human Behaviour Consultant (DISC). I’ve undertaken professional development courses in: Coaching in Education, Ethics, Return of Investment in Coaching, Coaching Work Teams, and Coaching Skills Mastery and continue working with my mentor coach to enhance my coaching skill so I can add value to clients.


I offer a 30-45 minute inquiry call, where we explore your challenges and hopes, a time for you to get a feel of me, what I offer and to check if we have a good professional fit.

I will talk about what coaching is and is not, listen to your expectations, discuss my role as well as hear about your investment expectations - time, energy, inclination, finances - required to support the coaching process. How much do you want to change direction?

Feel free to contact me.

Further information

Here are a few testimonials from former clients who are happy to share their experience of working with me.

Business coaching with Lisa Face has been a boost to my self-confidence, enabling me to be more focused and effective and more resilient when there are setbacks. For personal development and growth in my leadership roles it has been great having Lisa as positive sounding board to reflect my ideas back at me.
KB, Business Owner

Lisa has shown a great and genuine interest for me as her client, a curiosity that expresses itself through incisive questions to assist the thought-clarification process of her client. She is very structured, totally client-centred and goal-oriented, guiding the coaching process towards the specific client’s coaching aim. Lisa is without doubt a very principled and skilled coach!

Claire Bless, Human Resources Development, Johannesburg – South Africa

Lisa’s warm, outgoing personality and her easy coaching style are such assets. Lisa focuses on you. She is encouraging and she doesn’t shy away from the ‘hard’ questions or from challenging you to grow. She is an excellent coach!

Nadia Hijazi, Human Resources Director, United Arab Emirates

Being awarded my ACC credential in January 2013 was a great pleasure for me. But as I found out, simply meeting the ICF requirements is not enough for the successful completion of the credentialing process. Making good quality recordings, filling in and uploading the forms properly are some of the things that have a big influence on the result. Having Lisa encourage and ‘tap’ me on the shoulder to remind me of my ACC goal was so encouraging and made all the difference. Her insightful questions, sense of humor and knowledge of the portfolio application process helped me to stay on track so I was able to reach my ACC goal far quicker than if I’d been on my own. She’s an authentic and dedicated professional who supported me 100%.

Eugenia Mazanik, Associate Certified Coach (ACC) & Member of International Coach Federation (ICF), Lund, Sweden

Lisa is an outstanding career coach! She has helped me to quickly move forward regarding my career challenges and transition, so the outcome has been a combination of renewed confidence, a great looking CV/resume and an understanding of how to network and present myself well professionally. Lisa did not write my resume, instead using great questions she was able to draw out important things such as my values, skills, qualities and how to present these in a concise and clean way through the resume. Each session had a clear focus with a measurable outcome which worked so well for someone like me who is results and goal oriented! Lisa has a fun sense of humour making for enjoyable and productive coaching sessions! I also appreciated her cultural awareness and sensitivity – it has been a pleasure working with her and I look forward to continuing the coaching partnership in 2013 with other aspects of my career development.

Bihter Ozkiranartli, FMCG Professional, UAE

Working with Lisa proved invaluable: her knowledge and experience of interview questions and answers and her positive feedback increased my confidence going forward and was crucial for the challenging CV and interview stages. Lisa’s coaching led to more awareness of  aspects of my personal development. She really caused me to stop and think deeply about my attitude and approach towards career development and day-to-day effectiveness. I am now more organized, proactive, and goal-focused!

VM, Project Manager, Dubai

I’d like to give you a piece of feedback on the effectiveness of your coaching: through the simple process of having deeply reflected and engaged in the session topic of ‘being more spontaneous and direct’, I have surprised myself in the last two days of being so. Coaching is so fascinating!

Senior Human Resource Officer, Investment Bank, Luxembourg

Asking varied effective questions that lead to self analysis is one of Lisa’s strengths. Every coaching session led to more insights. The most significant impact for me in this process is the newfound belief in looking at things as an opportunity rather than a barrier, and asking myself – what’s stopping me?

Fady K, PR and Marketing Career Professional, Abu Dhabi

Lisa has been a wonderful partner in supporting me to get through important crossroads and making me realise my vast potential. Her vibrant energy and heartfelt dedication is palpable – despite conducting coaching sessions over the telephone from two different continents!

Managing Director, Consulting Company, Singapore

I  was unsure what coaching was all about, if it would benefit me, but it has proven extremely valuable and has given me so much confidence in my work and confidence to practically manage my business better….Lisa is able to accurately get to the heart of the matter even when I’m not sure what that is….to take me seriously as a client. I always have her undivided attention.

Nicky Lejeune, Photographer & Videographer, UAE

Somerset, TA4

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