Karo Paszkowska - Life coach for Singers & Entertainers

Karo Paszkowska - Life coach for Singers & Entertainers


2 Victoria Avenue

07557 686735

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2 Victoria Avenue

07557 686735

About me

I'm multinational, multicultural a­nd multilingual stylish chick and a cat lover with true PASSION ­for music and for personal growth!! I live in London and work all over the globe.

I help singers and entertainers who want to regain trust in­ who they ­are in their private and in their on st­age life. ­I love working with people who are creative, like to have a good laugh, want to grow, learn and who are ready to leap.

I'm certif­ied life c­oach and amateur sin­ger (and yes I auditioned for the XFactor!!). I help to clear­ minds fro­m tangle o­f thoughts and 'what ­if's'. In m­y practice­ I use vis­ual aids a­nd powerful reflection techniques so please don't be ­surprised ­if you see­ me doodling quite a­ lot :) Th­e most com­mon issues­ my clients want to tackle are re/gaining trus­t, dealing with conflict of va­lues and handling po­st performance blues­.

Music ca­n heal the­ soul of o­thers and ­my goal is­ to open t­he door of­ healing t­o as many ­souls in the m­usic indus­try as pos­sible and ­to make th­em truly SHINE!

Training, qualifications & experience

Diploma in Transformational Coaching

- NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) - foundations
- CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Coaching)
- Transactional Analysis Coaching
- Business Coaching SME’s
- Group Coaching
- Person-Centred Coaching

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Post performance depression, life coaching for singers and entertainers



You contact me either via email or on the phone. I follow through and invite you to a powerful two hour coaching conversation. It is time for both of to get to know each other as well as for you to get a feel for my style of working as a coach. You can call it a teaser I call it a deal-maker or a deal-breaker! During our conversation we explore what works for you and what's the best way to take this forawrd. I create a tailored coaching programme based on where you are in your life and where you want to be in X amount of months and years. I create a timeline and agree all the practicalities.
You can ask me anything and share any thoughts or concerns regarding the process.
At the end of the powerful coaching conversation we agree upon payment plan, schedue our first 3 sessions together and take it from there.
*Consultation fee applies.


Yes! Tailored!
There is no such thing as one works for all. No client is the same therefore no session is the same. During our coaching relationship we are in the state of flow and we are artists. Life coaching is an act of CREATING using clean language and metaphors. You find yourself engaging your vision, hearing and movement of your body. We doodle, speak, sing, walk, write and think. You can either explore a topic related to you as a person, create a plan with clear guidelines or just get clarity in where you are, who you are to yourself and who you are to others.
Through the process you learn how to trust unconditionally and how to let go of pain, disspointment, loneliness, dependency and self doubt.
In between sessions you are asked to journal and to practice your new habits.
As time passes and you are deeper into your personal coaching programme I make sure to check in with you to be certain that we are on the right path. You might discover that one technique works better or that you would like to have skype/ telephone coaching etc.

This programme can take anything between 3 - 12 months of ongoing coaching.
*Prices vary and depend on the longevity of the programme.


When preparing for your next gig or your next big show you might find yourself restless, doubtful, anxious or lonely. Or perhaps in the past you experienced post-performance blues where you found yourself overwhelmed, exhausted, lonely, unimportant and you want to make sure that you will have a clear action plan to implement after your performance. Maybe you had an AHA! moment and you would like to work on it immediately.
You can always contact me on the phone and ask for the ad hoc one hour/ two hour session.
Ad hoc coaching is created for already existing clients or referrals and clients who would like to get coaching whilst touring, before or straight after their performance.

*Prices vary depending on urgency.
**Min 3 hours notice.



One day exclusive is a very special programme created for someone AMAZING or someone who wants to be amazing and someone who wants immediate shift! You will be invited to join me at a beautiful exclusive location where we will spend 10 hours together!
Day will consists of several phases: exploration phase - learning phase - expression phase - habit creation phase - planning phase - closing.
During your one day exclusive I use wide range of hand picked coaching and NLP techniques that are designed to build on your talents and your strenghts. You will know exactly what are your values and what beliefs limit you from living your life using your full potential. You will learn how to communicate in a very clear and powerful way. You will be concious of your verbal and non verbal language patterns and you will have opportunity to practice your new habits on spot.
One day exclusive is designed to challenge you and to take you out of your comfort zone in a BIG way. It is created for someone who is truly fed up of moving back and forth, and who is READY to commit non negotiably during that 10 hours.
You can reach out to me via email or on the phone if you are interested.

*Note that there is limited amount of bookings that I take per year.

London, SE22
London, EC2M

Type of session

Online life coaching: No
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: Polish / Dutch


Monday to Friday 6 - 9pm (depending on availability) Saturday 10 - 4pm (depending on availability)

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