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17 Seacole Crescent

07866 895424

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17 Seacole Crescent

07866 895424

About me

As career strategist I help clients to find the work they were born to do, the work that fulfils them, brings them satisfaction, joy and sense of meaning. As personal growth coach and NLP practitioner I help clients to identify their desires, visions for their futures & assist them to get there. Whether its by working through their fears, self-doubts, insecurities or by gaining more confidence & mindset for success.

My ultimate goal however is to ensure that my clients are enjoying the journey. Because no matter what it is they want to achieve, ultimately it takes time to get there. It is a process which is not always easy, in fact it is full of bumps and obstacles.

Visit my Website for free tools and the most effective coaching tools http://www.jana-smandrova.com

"Jana was and is my coach who inspired me to continue my development towards my NLP diploma process which is now finished. I am NLP practitioner now. She is real example how coaches should do their jobs. Her healthy and sophisticated self-congruence is the point of her personality which is capable to communicate with subconscious motivational source of almost every client. I believe she was born for this job. She used coaching techniques and knowledge in such spontaneous way. She is coach for life and I want to keep her for the rest of my life and my journey. Jana Thank you very much." Jelena Kodzo Vujanic, NLP Practitioner and Life coach.

Training, qualifications & experience

I trained as a personal performance coach with The Coaching Academy in January 2016.
I also hold an NLP qualification from iNLP which I gained in December 2015.
I am also qualified career coach from Oxford college, the qualification I gained in 2014
I have been involved in personal development for over 10 years now.

In past 2.5 years I have coached variety of clients with all different challenges, career transition, the progress in career, life/work balance, confidence, fear of failure, fear of success, overwhelm and so on. We all are thriving for huge feelings of satisfaction, happiness, fulfilment however to achieve that you need to be super clear on what those huge words mean to you. Once you are clear on that it is just matter of adapting the right mindset, changing those limiting beliefs into empowering ones, gaining back your confidence and consistent action taking.

"Jana has helped me to maintain my focus on the actions to achieve my final goal. Through our sessions she has helped me to identify some limiting beliefs and to clarify the way forward, available options and to become aware of the real magnitude of my tasks/actions." Carmen Prieto

"Jana coached me around improving my confidence in my day to day job. Before I started working with Jana I had a lot of self doubt and major lack of confidence I felt that I didn't deserve to have any form of success and that success was only for other people. Jana helped me to view and explore my limiting beliefs and where they originated. Through the coaching I received I was able to really that those limiting beliefs that I have been holding on to are no longer true." Anesu Byron Mukoi, UK


I offer 6 months career coaching, please contact me for more information

Further information

I offer e-course The life of pursuit

If you want to succeed in life you need to master these 3 areas. The life of pursuit will show you, through written materials, audio recording and video slides, how to enjoy life more and create your own path of success.

Every months, for 3 months you will receive guidance, activities and tools to help you along to start transforming your life. You will be challenged for 90 days, there is no way you'd end up anywhere else but the destination you want! As long as you commit to taking required action!
The investment is £152 for 3 months

Learn more and sing up, visit www.jana-smandrova.com

Swindon, SN1

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Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

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Sign language: No
Other languages: slovak
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