Ian Guyah-Low BS.c(Hons), M.Sc, MBPsS Personal Development Coach

Ian Guyah-Low BS.c(Hons), M.Sc, MBPsS Personal Development Coach

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27 Kingfisher Drive
Leighton Buzzard


07939 046085

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27 Kingfisher Drive
Leighton Buzzard


07939 046085

About me

My Clients

My most powerful transformational coaching sessions are spent with immensely passionate people wanting to live life to the fullest and with the best intentions at heart. My enjoyment comes from working with those of you who are willing to dig deep, become more self-aware and push the boundaries of your own perceived limitations.

What brings me alive is watching you become more connected, grounded and authentic as a person through igniting that fire from within as you move graciously towards your personal, business and relationship goals in a much more courageous way.

If any of these questions below standout and you resonate fully with one or more of these challenges then lets have a FREE 30 minute conversation. We are potentially the perfect fit for building a healthy coaching relationship and taking that exciting journey together.


Are you a person that has the knowledge, experience and ability to deliver but for some reason lack that inner belief? Do you hold tightly onto those previous mistakes or what other people have told you in the past?

Is there a fear of the unknown that keeps holding you back? Are you tricking yourself into believing your being proactive when all you are doing (and you know this...) is distracting yourself from having to take that giant leap of faith into the unknown, a place I like to call your discomfort zone?

Has your life changed dramatically that you feel everything is spiralling completely out of control? You do not recognise who you are anymore? Even the reflection in the mirror when you wake up and move sluggishly to the bathroom fails to resemble who you once were?

Are you a highly ambitious individual who feels that you are doing everything you possibly can to succeed but for some reason things are just not happening at the speed that you had imagined?

Do you constantly wish that you were that friend, family member or work colleague because they seem to have the life that you always wanted?

You feel that your circumstances are based upon bad luck so you just continue plodding on through life wishing rather than taking meaningful action towards positive change?

Have you struggled with commitment in the past whether in your relationships or employment as you quickly lose interest or want success immediately?

Do you hope that the new course, job, qualifications or girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, wife or husband will make all the difference in giving you what you want in the future?

How do you handle those pressure cooker situations? Are you someone who reacts solely on emotion and intuition to make those difficult decisions? Do you feel people are more cautious around you? Are they treading on egg shells rather than providing you with honest feedback?

Have you found problems at work, in life and or relationships impossible to solve? Do you believe that you have tried every possible solution to rectify the problem yet the problem just doesn't seem to go away and even gets worse despite all your best intentions?

That was you wasn't it...


Working Together

The working relationship is very much based around an integrated approach that follows the direction and challenges that you wish to discuss. When it comes to explaining the coaching process in detail it is very much like a car.

Attempting to explain where the pedals are and what all the knobs and levers do can make things overly complex and therefore the best method of learning in my book is to just jump in and give it a go (with a driving instructor obviously...). That way we can get to know each other better and see if the coaching journey is one that you would love to explore and travel down further.

Our coaching relationship is based upon complete honesty. This means that you can feel confident in expressing yourself in your most natural way without fear of being judged or information being discussed with anyone outside of our coaching relationship.

When it comes to the coaching process I believe in taking you on a journey that focuses predominantly on a future orientation. We look at your best hopes for the future and then we look to take positive steps no matter how big or small both inside and outside of the session(s). Our aim is to generate momentum towards a life that is closer to the dreams you never believed were possible.

Some of the key steps that we will visit (not always in the same order) over the course of our work together are:

- What is the challenge that I am hoping to overcome?

- What have I already tried in my quest to overcome this?

- How would I know that the initial challenge has been overcome?

- When is the challenge no longer a challenge?

- What has to be present for our challenge to occur?

- Spot the difference(s) when the challenge tightens its grip and when it loosens?

- What is a challenge that is more easily overcome that leads to the initial challenge being resolved?

About Me

By my very nature I have always been highly driven and ambitious with visions of "making it" as a high performing athlete. I just thrived on pushing myself to my limits in pursuit of constant yet marginal gains. Friends, family and other networks had always identified me as the athlete as it was a significant part of who I was and whom I had become.

In March 2006 my life changed suddenly when rushed to hospital with a potential cardiac arrest at the age of 26. My world was literally thrown upside down within the space of 24 hours.

The reflection in the mirror was no longer the man I once was or had hoped to become. My life appeared shattered from the inside out as I struggled to replace the buzz and surge of adrenaline I got from physical activity.

Feeling lost, vulnerable and insecure I decided that I had the freedom to choose the direction that my life would now head. Fortunate to have inherited a high degree of resilience and drive from my mother I had a natural urge to want to be successful. The biggest dilemma that was preventing this from happening was now the question of how?

Jumping from job to job and pursuing qualification after qualification in the hope that I would be happy and successful in the quickest possible manner just resulted in frustration, anger and significant levels of stress.

Teaching in Further Education brought me the initial success as I gained three grade 1's for outstanding teaching and learning from Ofsted even without the necessary PGCE teaching qualification. Not bad for someone who was always condemned as having no hope by teachers over the years!

However, Sundays were just filled with dread and on Monday morning it became near on impossible to step out of the front door. I knew something had to change. I was stressed, unhappy and bringing my problems home. Then I made an impulsive decision. I decided to walk away from a secure job that paid well into the unknown world of self-employment as a trainee Sports Psychologist...

Working in high performance environments in both business and sport was tough due to the high demands and goal orientated focus. I felt energised and alive as I believed I had found my dream profession working with those who really wanted to develop and improve and push the limitations of their natural ability.

Fast forward a few years and I began to recognise that the culture was not fitting with my own values and beliefs. Providing support, care and listening wholeheartedly to others was seen as soft and feminine. I saw these traits as benefiting performance as the less baggage people carried the clearer their mindset for making the tough decisions when under pressure.

Then one day when speaking to my own Supervisor, himself a fully Accredited Sports Psychologist he mentioned the career of coaching. A career that would mean not starting from scratch but building on the years of experience, knowledge and qualifications within Applied Sports Psychology. Yes even I was sceptical... but unless you try something you will never know! (A useful tip I had learnt from my late mother).

That was it... I looked up a few coaches and decided to experience coaching for myself. Unsurprisingly it was totally transformational and dug deeper than I expected. Had I not had coaching I would not have connected as powerfully with my own values and emotions but remained uncertain about what I actually did want from life that was truly meaningful to me.

Coaching gave me the realisation that I was using language as a means of self protection. When talking about deeply personal matters like losing my mother to Bile Duct Cancer or my identity as a rugby player I protected myself through talking about these life changing situations in the third person. Exposing my vulnerabilities had always been interpreted as a weakness but since experiencing the truly transformational nature of coaching these situations are now my strengths.

I will never be the finished article or ever achieve perfection (there is no such thing incase you were wondering...) but through coaching I believe that I will be better equipped to meet the challenge. Life has now changed pretty drastically since feeling I had lost everything in March 2006.

I am married to a beautiful and supportive wife with a 10 year old son doing a profession that I love dearly. To use a cliche term such as passionate seems to do my level of excitement and energy that my job brings when working with others an injustice. I just love seeing and hearing about those people that have changed their mindset and behaviour for the better as they edge closer to their dreams in both life, work and personal relationships.

Our Coaching Experience

I think the best way in which to gain a true reflection of what the coaching experience looks and feels like is to jump in and get started. Most people including myself are still very apprehensive about trying something unknown or fairly new. If like me, your no high dive expert I am going to try and alleviate any anxiety or fears by providing feedback from one of my clients. We shall name my client Andre in order to protect his anonymity.

Here is what Andre has to say about the coaching experience when working closely with myself over a 12 month period:

Process - In detail. Ahead of our first session, Ian clearly explained the process and the objectives of the sessions. Although already very clear, he then took the time to restate the process at our first meeting and subsequent to this.

What did I get from our work together - True independence. It is not often, if ever, that you have the opportunity to discuss issues, concerns and plans in a totally independent environment. The sessions to date have allowed me to discuss, consider and reflect upon a range of issues within a structured, challenging and supportive framework.

Recommend - I would. Ian has a relaxed yet confident manner. He put me at ease very early in the process and this allowed me to be confident, open and honest when discussing a range of close personal matters.
Ian was willing to challenge my thoughts and assumptions and to question me so that we ended up having deeper and ultimately more beneficial discussions.

Areas for improvement - In the lead up to working with Ian and in our sessions to date, I have not identified anything specific.

Strengths - He listens very well and has the ability to process information quickly so as to get to the key issues.
He did not fear challenging me and I think this is a real strength not demonstrated by that many people. It really helped me get value from our time together.

Other comments - Our sessions so far have been very rewarding. I have a far greater focus and clarity, and an outline plan for the future.

Testimonial - My time with Ian has been some of the most rewarding ‘personal development’ time in my whole career. He is relaxed and friendly yet very focused, able to drill down to the key issues very quickly and willing to challenge thought and ideas. I am much clearer and focussed than I was before I began working with Ian.

Personal Insight

If I was to look at my approach to the coaching relationship from the outside in I would have to say that it was fun, supportive, eye opening, thought provoking, challenging and extremely empowering. I maybe biased but I do believe my coaching sessions are all of this and more :)

What will be Different

After our work together you will have a far deeper level of self-awareness in regards to the meaning that you attach to your own thoughts, emotions, reactions and behaviours.

This will open up new possibilities for choice and a recognition that you are responsible for taking the reins to steer through many of life's ultimate challenges in a more courageous manner.

Through your increased level of self-awareness you will be more able to recognise when the need exists to examine a challenge more fully. You will have learnt to stay curious and look at the differences between when the challenge occurred compared to when it didn't. Your mind will now be more open and your ability to examine problems from different and varied perspectives will be greatly enhanced.

You will build valuable skills and knowledge that you can use to advance your prospects in life, business and relationships with others.

You will feel more valued, encouraged and supported by having a forum to discuss your problems in an open, challenging and honest environment. This alone will help you to move beyond the challenges there once were and towards a future that you had only previously dreamed about.

Lastly you will experience a real sense of pride and achievement. The problems that we bring can create the belief that we have looked at every possible solution but most of the time we are just looking at the wrong problem. You will therefore be better equipped for looking at your challenges in life, business and relationships through a more self-aware set of eyes.

Striving to overcome the challenge and experiencing success will inevitably lead to greater levels of self-belief in oneself to live life more courageously.


Training, qualifications & experience


  • University of Stirling P.hD - Current
  • University of Wolverhampton M.Sc Applied Sports Psychology
  • University of Surrey, Roehampton B.Sc (Hons) Applied Sports Psychology
  • Accredited Personal Transformational Coach (Animas Centre for Coaching)
  • Certified Group Coaching and Facilitation (Animas Centre for Coaching)
  • Certified Existential Coaching (Animas Centre for Coaching)
  • Certified Mindfulness Coaching (Animas Centre for Coaching)

Professional Memberships

  • British Psychological Society
  • Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership
  • British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Member Organisations

  • Association of Coaching
  • International Coaching Federation
  • Associate Certified Coach

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Executive Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Life Purpose
  • Meaning and Direction
  • Values
  • Choices, Freedom and Responsibility
  • Personal Development
  • Confidence and Self-Belief
  • Identity Issues
  • Anger and Frustration
  • Commitment and Motivation
  • Marginal Gains
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Peak Performance
  • Group Coaching
  • Existential Coaching
  • Physical Trauma and Health Conditions
  • Military
  • Public Services e.g. Police, Fire Service, Ambulance Service

Photos & videos

  • Business Logo
  • Animas Coaching Qualification



My fees are highly competitive with pricing available to fit a wide range of budgets, durations and personal circumstances. Rather than discuss prices from the start I feel that a relationship should be built first and foremost. That is why I offer a FREE 30 minute initial consultation.


My services are delivered over Skype, mobile telephone and/or face to face with three packages currently available.

  • 6 Session Coaching Package
  • 3 month Coaching Package
  • 6 month Coaching Package

Each programme hopes to deliver maximum impact through personalised 1-1 sessions. Progression is achieved through building rapport, trust, being non-judgemental and listening intently to what you are saying.

Further information

Coaching Location

Leighton Buzzard is situated within easy access of London. We have a regular, fast and direct rail service from London Euston being 33 minutes in duration.

Travelling by car is within easy access of the M1 with the journey time being shortened following the opening of the new Junction 11A making London and the Midlands within easy reach.There is also plenty of free on street and off street parking to make your coaching experience as stress free and as pleasant as possible.

My second venue is in the tranquil village of Hundon, Suffolk. Within easy reach of Haverhill, Cambridge, Bury St. Edmunds and other neighbouring villages. When the weather is warm another dimension is added to my coaching should we wish to venture into the fresh air and weaving country roads.

Observe inwardly as you start to become aware of the difference this can make in unlocking other levels to your being when moving along the same journey but under different circumstances. There is plenty of off street parking but driving your own car to the venue would be highly recommended due to the rural location.

An Insight into Ian’s Character

“It is a genuine pleasure working with Ian. Not only is he a highly accomplished and effective coach – who challenges and encourages in equal measure – but also a genuine and down-to-earth person. If you are going through a major career transition and are keen to be challenged to reach new heights, then I highly recommend speaking with Ian”.

- C. Rhodes, Managing Director at Culminas Marketing.

“I worked with Ian on a Pilot Careers Transition Support project on behalf of Racing Welfare and the BHA. Feedback from participants was excellent and Ian's committed and dedicated support and expertise undoubtedly contributed to the overwhelming success of the scheme”.

- R. D. Wylie - Project Coordinator at British Horseracing Authority.

"My time with Ian has been some of the most rewarding ‘personal development’ time in my whole career.  He is relaxed and friendly yet very focused, able to drill down to the key issues very quickly and willing to challenge thought and ideas.  I am much clearer and focussed than I was before I began working with Ian"

- S. Howard, Financial Advisor - Formally of Coutts and Barclays Bank PLC.

"Ian Guyah-low is an excellent coach that has helped me make leaps and bound in both my life, and my career. I would recommend both him and the art of coaching to anyone in a heartbeat".

- M. Ovenden - Student and Semi Professional Footballer.

"Ian makes you feel at ease speaking about any subject and has a great talent of bringing problems to the surface and allowing you to think methodically on how to solve the issues. I would recommend Ian to anyone who wants to solve some issues that are perhaps holding them back, personally or professionally".

- M. Rhodes, UK Credit Manager.

"Thank you so much for your help at an extremely difficult point in my life. I now have a group of people that I know are genuine and will become life long friends.The work I am now involved with is on a national level and I have to blink twice to really believe its me going to meetings in the Scottish Parliament.
Ian you are a miracle maker, I am on a better path that fits my moral values I wish you well with everything you do".

- J. Shaw - Business Finance Manager, NHS Scotland.

"I have worked with Ian closely over the past 2 seasons and he was an integral part in the Youth Teams success in producing 9 professionals in one season. Ian produces outstanding work and uses excellent methods to ensure players work at peak performance. Ian's performance sessions with groups and 1-1 produced excellent mindset strategies for players to realise their true potential".

- R. Eames, First Team Coach/Interim Manager, Barnet FC.

Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4SG
Sudbury, CO10

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


9am - 9pm Monday - Friday

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