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Esther Limberg-Birks @Gym for the Mind Ltd

The Vici Language Academy
RG14 5AD

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The Vici Language Academy
RG14 5AD

07766 741116

About me

From Stress to Success - with confidence and self belief you can live your best life!

Stress Management, Career Coaching, Confidence Coaching, Exam Success, Relationship Management and much, much more.

Gym for the Mind can share with you the life changing skills to be in control of your emotions, your relationships, your future, your success and your life!

By learning the life skills to be resilient you will learn how to stay calm and relaxed even under pressure so you can control anxiety, depression, panic & anger, you will be in charge of your emotions, relationships, happiness and success.

Once you have control of your emotions and thinking clearly you will build your inner confidence and start setting goals for achieving your dreams and creating a life you love to live.

My commitment to you:

You will receive confidential, non-judgemental time and space so you can safely relax and focus on you, your solutions and your future.

You will receive professional guidance using a highly successful program that focuses on your solutions and results.

The subject is without a doubt serious yet my aim is to offer a relaxed, calm atmosphere, the sessions will be enjoyable and we will have some fun.

Who am I?

When the student is ready the teacher will appear and Fusion Therapeutic Training arrived with impeccable timing.

My 40th birthday was a massive turning point and sadly was not celebrated sipping cocktails in New York as once hoped. Like so many of us my life was a juggling act, feeling overwhelmed, drained unsuccessful and under valued in all areas of relationships, work and life in general.

Frustrated and frightened I found myself experiencing poor physical health which I now understand this was a huge indicator of how unhappy and over stretched I was, it was time to jump off the mundane treadmill of my life and training as a Fusion Therapeutic Coach gave me the tangible tools, the self belief and confidence to do so. It was time to live my life as evidence that it is never too late to change the direction of your life.

Soon after all areas of my life improved at home, my relationships, my health and my achievements. My career propelled as a Learning and Development Executive within the corporate world and consequently my skills and experience grew.

Fusion was the springboard that launched me into a happier more confident me and to fast forward five years I now have vastly improved my health. My role as a combined Counsellor and Coach embraces my passion to support, guide and help others at Gym for the Mind. I am fortunate to be trusted in sharing my training, my learnings and my belief that we are able and all deserve to live our best life.

No longer restricted by the corporate world my days are spent focusing on Gym for the Mind, Home Schooling our son, walking our dogs and most importantly living my 13 year old dream and owning my first very own pony.

I am living my purpose and my dream!

Training, qualifications & experience

Fusion Therapeutic Coach - combining Counselling and Coaching

Academic Anxiety - Human Givens

CIPD - Career Coaching

Learning & Development Executive @ Hitachi Capital

Photos & videos

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Client Testimonies

My acting skills had become Oscar worthy. I had the perfect job, relationship, new home. The stuff you dream of. People would say how envious of me they were. That they wished they could be as happy as I was. On the inside though I was crumbling, a nervous wreck ready to explode. I knew I couldn't keep up the act much longer. I knew I needed help.

I opened up to Esther in a way I thought I could never do with anyone. Instantly she made me feel so at ease. No judgment. She worked through exercises to help me cope with my anxiety and years of built up emotions. I could finally breath again. Work with my feelings not against them. I still use Esther's techniques now! One of my favourites that really helped me was to write a letter, as short or as long as it's needs to be. Then destroy it. Letting go of the tension and the hurt. Able to move forward with a fresh outlook and not hold onto the past. Focus on the most important person, beautiful me.
Sometimes you are so bogged down with what you're going through that you just can't see a way out. Esther helped me to open my eyes to the wider world. I now see things in a completely different way. I put myself out there. Make clear decisions. I have taken back control of my life and become a strong woman again.
I'm actually living my life!

I travelled the east coast of Australia by myself! This was my biggest turning point. The place that I had only visualised working with Esther. The place I went to in my meditations, that took pride of place in my vision board so that it was the first thing I saw each morning. I made it happen. And I loved it so much that I'm planning on going back for a road trip with one of the girls I met when I was out there.

My mantra since working with Esther has been 'working on myself, for myself'. Everything I now do reflects this.

Without Esther I would never be the girl I am today. I'm taking on the world and I have no fear! Nothing can stop me.

It's never too late to put yourself first. To make changes for the better and live the life you love! And Esther will be there with you every step of the way.

Esther, I can't thank you enough for the transformation you have helped me make.


Last year I was going through some significant changes in my life. Struggling to cope with the stress & not knowing what to do next. I knew that I needed help to prevent this causing tremedious damage to my health & state of mind. I approached Esther as she has a calm & welcoming nature. Esther provided me with techniques to cope with the stresses. Enabling me to see clearer, focus & plan for what I wanted to achieve for the future. I feel I have come along way, achieving some goals set, gaining more confidence & self belief. Using the techniques I am able to cope with what life throws my way!
I highly recommend Gym For The Mind


There are further testimonies on my website

Newbury, RG14 5AD

Type of session

Online life coaching: No
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Evening and Saturday appointments are available.

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