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About me

Anna’s areas of expertise are CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM. She helps people increase their level of confidence and self-esteem so that they can find the strength to live the life they want.

Would you like to feel so good about yourself that you could achieve anything?
If yes, she is the right person for you.

Hello and thank you for visiting my profile!

I’m Anna, a London based Life & Executive Coach whose goal is to empower you to be the best you can be in your professional and personal life.

After years of working with people from different countries on their personal challenges, it became clear that lack of self-belief, self-love, self-worth and confidence was core to people’s issues. This is why I now focus on building people’s self-confidence.

Confidence is key. Without it, you unconsciously sabotage your success in one or different areas of life (career, finances, friendships, love relationships, hobbies, social activities, etc.). No matter what your specific situation is, if you are struggling with confidence chances are that the perception you have about yourself is out of balance.

I help people build confidence and self-esteem by changing the perception of themselves and by encouraging them to follow their intuition and to value their own beliefs and decisions.

Would you like to be the best you could be and experience more fulfilment in your life? Start gaining confidence in yourself and get clarity about what makes you happy.

I strongly believe that when you start trusting yourself and your intuition, miracles happen. I also believe that if you are doing what you love on a daily basis, your level of confidence increases and you feel great about yourself.

Having personally experienced anxiety, fears and unhappiness, unsure of what my role in society was, I can testify that change is possible and it’s in your power to create it.


My personal style of coaching is honest and straightforward. During the coaching sessions, I like to challenge my clients using powerful questions. This facilitates examination of core beliefs, issues and obstacles, all of which are components to work on during the coaching process.

Life Coaching will be an opportunity for you to finally be yourself, find strength and follow your dreams embracing all challenges and pleasures that will come along.

Straight at the beginning of the coaching process, you will work towards the change you desire. You will TAKE ACTION and you will FACE FEARS without holding yourself back.

As your personal coach, I will give you the space and support needed to bring about this positive change. You will have the freedom to talk things through and discuss how you want to feel, behave and what you want to achieve. Through careful, intuitive questioning and fresh perspective, we will un-peel the layers to give you clarity and focus. Then will come the practical steps to move you forwards to where you want to be or indeed who you want to be.

At the end of the coaching process we will be able to see tangible results as a direct consequence of the change that happens within. As you will feel more confident in yourself, you will know how to deal more constructively with your challenges. Moreover, you will be more focused on the tasks and driven by results. That’s how life coaching will help you increase your impact, grow and achieve more fulfilment in your life.


I work with people on a wide range of issues and challenges. The basis of my work is empowerment.

Increasing your level of confidence will help you in many ways including:

  • To define goals and design action plans to achieve them
  • To find and develop new hobbies and interests
  • To reduce nerves and manage emotions/feelings/thoughts
  • To assert yourself with family, friends, colleagues or boss
  • To increase self-love
  • To feel more organised & in control
  • To improve relationships and conflict resolution skills
  • To increase your sales and grow your business
  • To coach, encourage and motivate your team
  • To pursue a career of fulfilment.

Sessions are a mixture of action planning and exploration. They last 1 hour and can be held via Skype or face-to-face (Central London). I arrange mutually convenient weekly or biweekly appointments.

Due to the increase of my client base, I am working mainly via Skype to maximise time with clients. For those who require face-to-face sessions, please specify via email.

Book your Free Initial Consultation today at or call me on 0746 2339 608.

Please contact me only if you are serious about making changes in your life.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Training, qualifications & experience

I am a qualified Personal Transformation Coach, gaining the diploma from Animas Centre for Coaching, an internationally recognised and ICF approved Coach-training centre. I hold further certificates in “Group Coaching” and “Relationship and Couple Coaching”.

I have attended courses organised by some of the World’s most famous life coaches: Tony Robbins and John Demartini. I constantly update my coaching skills and expertise.

On a personal note, I have undergone my own personal transformation and learnt first-hand what it takes to be empowered and fulfilled.

I speak English, Italian and Spanish. You are welcome to contact me in any of these languages.

TESTIMONIALS can be found below.

For further testimonials, please refer to my LinkedIn profile:

Other areas of coaching I deal with


Confidence is even more important when it comes to moving countries. Having lived in 7 different cities around the World and having experienced the emotional challenges of moving, I can coach you and your family through the transitional period.

I coach expatriates supporting them in their relocated country or city. I help them deal with the emotional stress and difficulties related to the move. This enables them to get confidence and to live in this period of transition (and beyond) in a more relaxed and happier way.

We aim for a shift in perspective together with a positive mindset and attitude towards change. Behind difficulties, there are many opportunities for personal and career growth. I help clients see the hidden opportunities of their new environment and build the confidence to overcome their fears and limitations.

Family wellbeing plays a major role in the serenity and happiness of the relocated employee. It is easier for the relocated employee to adapt to the new location, while family members can find it more challenging. I am happy to coach different family members.


You are invited to experience a FREE 1-1 SKYPE INITIAL CONSULTATION with me.

During this meeting (approximately 30minutes) we will discuss your current situation and what you aim to achieve. We will specify situations or areas that need development and we will clarify the beliefs about yourself that disempower you.

We will then develop action steps to take. At the end, you will leave this session renewed, energized and inspired to make this change happen.


Single sessions = £85
3 Month Package (6 sessions) = £480 (instead of £510)
5 Month Package (10 sessions) = £750 (instead of £850)

Corporate fees by arrangement.

Further information


“Working with Anna was the best decision I made. I was going through a period of uncertainty. I didn’t know what to do with my life and I had lost all confidence in myself due to some poor choices I made. Since the first session with Anna I felt that I was back on track. She helped me break my big challenges into manageable tasks. She is a great coach to work with.”

Agathe B.

“I wasn’t sure how a life coach could have helped me but I decided to give it a go. I was impressed by the power of coaching. Now I don’t spend time with second thoughts and indecisions. I am focused and determined and I take more risks than I used to. I highly recommend working with Anna”.

Paul N.

“Anna is an excellent coach. She is very good at figuring out what the real issue is and what isn’t. She goes straight to the point and makes you see things differently so that whatever you think is an issue is not an issue anymore. I purchased two packages of 6 sessions and I was very satisfied with the coaching I received.”

Luis A.

“I tried coaching for the first-time last year with Anna. My aim was to get more confidence and find the courage to pursue my dreams without fear of judgement or not being good enough. I have to say, Anna boosted my confidence a lot and brought me to another level. I now feel confident and clear about my strengths and unique qualities. I am very happy with the achievements I made last year. I don’t think it would have been possible without her help. I highly recommend her.”

Patrick K.

“I contacted Anna after a period of rehabilitation due to an accident. I felt blessed for having her as a coach. I realised that the way I was living my life was not in line with my interests and skills. That was the reason why I was not feeling fulfilled. With the help of Anna I reorganised my life. I now focus on what’s important to me.”

Jonathan W.

“Anna saved my marriage. I was close to getting a divorce and I was feeling very stressed. Anna helped me solve the issues I had with my husband. By being true to myself and taking responsibility, I was able to repair the relationship with my husband and rekindle our love. I am very grateful for Anna’s help.”

Elizabeth P.

“I contacted Anna as I was not confident enough to take the necessary steps to grow my business. I was clear about what I had to do but I was constantly procrastinating to a point where I felt a complete failure. Since I started working with Anna, I chose a different approach and with time I was getting more and more comfortable taking risks. Anna is a great coach who gets results.”

Charlie I.

London, W1J
London, EC2V

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: English (Fluent), Italian (Native), Spanish (Fluent), Portuguese (Conversational)


I offer weekday daytime and evening appointments. Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) sessions are also available by arrangement.

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