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About me

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Is something changing for you at work? Is your team changing? I support people experiencing change through walking coaching and the creation of team development events. Join me for a moving space to reflect on where you are at, where you are going and how to thrive on the way.

Contact me at Walk Coach Learn to try walking coaching or have a walking coaching session to plan your team event in or around central London for free.

Why walking?

Walking alone has over a hundred physical and mental health benefits and has been proven to improve thinking and creativity. Being on the move is energising and generates a natural high. Walking can be done by anyone anywhere.

Walking and coaching is a powerful combination. Walking coaching creates a stimulating, reflective environment. Walking and talking side by side generates trust, openness and a sense of equality. It is a means to connect with yourself, with others and the area you walk in.

Why coaching?

Coaching is the art of attentive listening and perceptive questioning.  The Walk Coach Learn coaching experience gives you space to:

  • discover how you respond to change and can thrive while experiencing change
  • acknowledge and appreciate your strengths
  • recognise and challenge thinking patterns that hold you back
  • think clearly about where you are at, what you are doing and where you are going
  • understand yourself and what is important to you and drives you
  • be creative, generate ideas and come up with your own solutions

How does it work?

Walking coaching takes place in a park, space or streets near your work or home. The walk lasts for around an hour.

Rain is an occupational hazard and can add to the experience! Come prepared to walk by being dressed for the weather with no heavy bags and comfy shoes.

Developing your team?

Is your team changing? Newly forming, expanding, changing focus or restructuring? Escape the office and get your team talking, walking and connecting. Walk Coach Learn creates active, tailored team development events designed to support you and your team through change.

How will my team benefit?

Walk Coach Learn development events help teams understand how they operate, strengthen relationships and clarify and engage with the team vision. Creating a safe, inclusive, gently challenging and positive atmosphere is fundamental. Teams feel energised, motivated and ready for whatever comes next with a clear plan of action.

Training, qualifications & experience

I am an executive coach and walking enthusiast experienced in individual and group coaching, event facilitation, and walking activities. Clients have included UCL, the Leadership Foundation, Kainos Software, the British Library, Conde Nast International Digital and City, University of London.

My background is in bringing about change in Higher Education through educational technology and leadership development. I worked in this field at City, University of London from 2003, tutoring on the MA module Developing Leadership and Your Reflective Practice and becoming Head of Educational Technology leading a team of 20 in 2013 until leaving in 2016. I have a Diploma in Intermediate Executive Coaching from the AoEC.


Team events

Prices for event facilitation such as meetings, away days, team walks and action learning sets are available on request.

Contact me to explore your team’s needs and clarify event aims with a free coaching walk in or around central London.


Book a phone consultation via email to arrange your first coaching walk in or around central London for free. The consultation will address what to expect from walking coaching, session logistics and location, and your questions.

One 1 hour walking coaching session is £90

Three 1 hour walking coaching sessions are £255

One 1 hour sitting coaching session is £95

Three 1 hour sitting coaching sessions are £270

There may be a higher charge for clients paying via their company or institution.

Further information


Here are some experiences of Walk Coach Learn coaching clients:

“I have found being coached by Anise a pretty transformative experience. The concept of walking appealed to me, as I love walking in my spare time. It gave a really natural and easy feel to the sessions as well – it was good to be outside after a day at work- even if the weather was not good sometimes!"

“I love having a willing listener who’s there just to listen to me talk about my direction in life. The journey of the walking session mirrors the interior journey. By staying focused on exploring my personal experience of work, I feel like I am being guided down a road. It is a fantastic place to learn about myself. A very valuable experience.”

"Thank you so much, Anise. Who knew that walking, talking and being heard and supported for a few hours was all that was needed to get me on track again? In fact, I now believe it is not a luxury, but something we all deserve and I thoroughly recommend anyone trying it.”

“I can’t thank Anise enough for her time with our team. From planning to execution she was always professional, accommodating and reassuring. She worked closely with me to plan our day to ensure activities were truly tailored to the needs of my team and the challenges we’re currently facing. Between this and her impressive ability to moderate in a way that is inclusive and analytical lead to both an enjoyable and practical experience. A rare achievement! We not only bonded as a team, but we also left the day with an actionable list of things to do as a team to improve the way we work together and with others in our organisation. We were all so inspired by the day that we hope to repeat the experience at least annually.”

London, E13

Type of session

Online life coaching: No
Telephone life coaching: No
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


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