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As a Woman it took me too long to identify what my priorities were in life and the importance of putting my own needs first occasionally, without constantly feeling guilty. As a Wife and Mother, I wanted to support and love my family, have time for my friends and myself, but that support often felt it was at the detriment of myself and my own needs. The result was constant conflict in myself which was exhausting!

I have come to recognise what happens when I don’t take care of myself. I become tired, lethargic, my health suffers and I’m generally grumpy to be around. Yet, when I make time for myself and start living by my own rules and not rules imposed on me by society and my role models growing up, I feel alive, enthusiastic and energised.

As women, it’s too easy to keep putting other people first and I want that to stop. I want you to really value what you bring to The World no matter what that is. Maybe its your ability to love, nurture, go in to politics, volunteer in a crisis, write, paint, become a Lawyer, Doctor or an Astronaut. What ever it is that calls you, I want to help support you to go out and live it.

I have been involved in The Self Development World for over 25 years and have been a practising Coach, with a private practise for more than 10 years. I am a down to earth, conscientious Therapeutic Coach, that gets results.

Rather than talk more about me, I'm sure you would rather hear what some of my clients had to say about their experience:

Hi Ali. Sorry this has taken me so long, but I had to write. I’m doing ‘great’ as you would say and am having the time of my life! I feel completely fulfilled and I am loving life! None of this would be possible without your help so I just wanted to say thank you’ – Fran

"I love the way you work and what I have seen of your view of the World, which is incredible! You are someone who inspires and has shown me that I can achieve my dreams, life is so exciting again. Thank you Ali." – Fiona

"Coaching has had a massive effect on me, from the first session where I realised that I’d lost my way and wasn’t at all focused on what was important to me. I was allowing others to put upon me and I had lost myself and my self worth. I just wanted to say thanks… so much for all your help and guidance." Jackie

For more testimonials please visit my site.

This is such a hot topic at the moment. Our lives are so busy we often end up feeling overwhelmed, with too much to do and not enough time. By getting to the heart of your personal (core) values and using specific methods to prioritise and where necessary re-organise them will bring an end to the constant conflict you're probably feel on a daily basis.

Without both these things you will constantly feel like you're taking one step forward and two back. Despite much hype around 'thinking positively' and 'faking it till you make it' experience has taught me that they don't work long term. Understanding what healthy confidence and self esteem looks like and knowing what you have to do to get them are essential to living a happy and fulfilled life.

My intimate relationship has grown and evolved into something truly magical over the last 32 years (Yes, you did read that right!) Was it easy, were we just destined to be together?  No, absolutely not! We've had our fair share of tough times but, both being prepared to work on those issues has led us through the forest and out the other side. Something I am immensely proud of and passionate to share with as many couples as I can. I have used my coaching over the years to help couples deal with all types of issues including:

  • Infidelity
  • Loss of intimacy
  • Becoming best friends and room mates, rather than lovers
  • Finding out and understanding why we drift apart and bringing you back together
  • Boredom
  • Financial strains
  • Parenting challenges
  • Understanding & Embracing the differences between Male and Female

I have now undertaken a three year Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Couple Work (with The Centre for Gender Psychology: to improve my undersatnding of couple therapy.

I taught my first Good Parents...Getting Better Workshop in 2005. I am passionate about good parenting and have used my coaching skills to build on my already extensive knowledge of this important subject. I educate parents how to create close, loving relationships that last. Relationships that are built on love, trust and mutual respect. I offer personal coaching to parents and also have products available that you can find at

"This has completely changed the way I see myself as a Mum. It will have a huge effect on my children and my relationship with my husband. I loved every minute!" - Julia Mum of two boys aged 9 & 6

"I'm, so glad I took time out to experience this course, which could literally be life changing for me and my children. I have already seen a difference and started the journey to where I want my relationship to be with my children. I’m off to put it all into practice. Thank you Ali… so much." - Jackie, Mum of two aged 10 & 12

“Didn’t want it to finish. Could do with another four weeks!” - Sarah, Mum of three, aged 13, 11 and 7

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I have coached hundreds of people individually, as couples and as parents, helping them rid themselves of negative habits, and patterns of behaviour that simply don't serve them at all.

Whatever it is that's causing you to feel over whelmed, miserable, talk to yourself so negatively, making you angry, short tempered or depressed, you CAN change it, in a relatively short period of time. Really, no matter what the issue, experience has proved to me that all challenges are reversible and pretty easy to let go of, once you understand what's caused you to behave like that in the first place.

The everyday stresses and strains of living in todays fast paced world, can make it difficult to get through a day without feeling overwhelmed, out of balance, discontented and exhausted. My 'Break Through' Coaching system is designed to get results quickly and efficiently. The average time a client spends with me is just 12 hours, spread over 6 - 12 weeks. You decide how fast you want to change.

Training, qualifications & experience

Personal Trainer in Health and Fitness 1998
Pilates 2000
Tony Robbins Life Mastery 2003 - 2005
Coaching: Noble Manhattan 2005
Ultimate Relationship Coaching with Tony Robbins 2006
NLP Master Practitioner: Tad James 2007
Master Time Line Therapist: Tad James 2007
Master hypnotherapist: Tad James 2007
Work smarter not harder 2008
His needs, Her needs - Steve Harley 2008
Tree of Life detox programme 2009
Oneness 2009
Dancing in the dark (Relationship Course) 2010
Keeping the flame alive (Relationship Course) 2012
Ways of Woman - May 2013 - October 2014 (Empowering women. Taken through Gender Psychology)
2012-2014 Training for a post graduate diploma in Creative Couple Work with The Centre for Gender Psychology


One to One Coaching: £60.00 p/h
Workshop prices. Please see
Couples: £60 p/h
Parenting: £40-£60 P/h Please contact for details

Rickmansworth, WD3

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Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

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Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None
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