Aaron Ellen - The UK's Ultimate Coach

Aaron Ellen - The UK's Ultimate Coach

About me

If I asked you the question "Do you want to release your challenges and create your dreams?" what would your answer be?

" Initially I called Aaron in to help me gain clarity on where to take my business but almost immediately he picked up that there was something beneath that goal, there was and it turned out that where we went has saved my marriage and given me a new reason to live. From the bottom of my heart I am truly grateful to you Aaron. Thank you."

- D.H. Business owner, Central London

" The work Aaron does with me has transformed my life like night and day and it will for you to. I must tell you though that sometimes it was hard going, the questions he asked me where sometimes challenging to answer or the things he would see in me that I couldn't yet see within myself were sometimes hard to accept, own or believe. But with his calmness, courage and willingness to stick with it (sometimes like a dog with a bone) when he spotted somewhere I had a character trait that was pushing people away or holding back my career advancement for example, he would stick in there with me until we got to the other side of it. I know it was sometimes as hard for him to say these things to me as it was for me to hear them but I am thankful that he did. "

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Through experience I've learned I can only help those who are really open to being helped. So before we even consider speaking I have two questions...

  • Are you secretly invested (maybe subconsciously) in having your life stay as it right now?


  • Are you open and willing to do what it really takes to create positive change in your life

If you're in the first group I can't promise I can help you (Although I am willing to find out) but if you're in the latter group and you are open to the possibilities of what gets created through powerful deep coaching relationships then contact me as I can almost certainly help you.

Whatever it is that you truly want and desire, high quality powerful coaching from me and inspired consistent action from you can get you there.

Coaching transformed my life & it can transform yours to.

A single insight from a powerful coaching conversation can change everything for you and I do truly mean “EVERYTHING”


"You would be better off by not having a coach at all than to have one who doesn't tell you the truth."

Most of us (especially CEO's and High achievers) are surrounded with people who tell us only what they think we want to hear, they people please with us, they withhold the truth and it helps nobody.
I will tell you the complete truth in a loving and compassionate way no matter what it costs me. My job is to have you be mildly annoyed with me much of the time.


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Training, qualifications & experience

  • Mentoring from 7 of the world's top coaches
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • EFT
  • The Three Principles



Contact me to apply for an initial no obligation introductory 2 hour session. (Obviously places are sought after and I only have so many available so I do have a sorting process in the form of your commitment to change)


This option is for us to work together for 2 months at a lesser rate (after the initial 2 hour session) and before committing to a 4, 7 or 13 month coaching package. (Sometimes option two is all you may need right now)

OPTION THREE: Price varies depending on the specifics of the coaching package created

If after the initial 2 months coaching at £399 you want to continue then we will discuss and decide together which one-to-one coaching package is right for you, the 4 month, 7 month or 13 month package.

Published articles

London, N1

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Messages responded to within 24 hours (Unless I am on holiday). 2-3 week waiting time for initial appointments.

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